Facebook Pixel Note to Self - 3 things I wish I'd done differently in my last wedding

Note to Self – 3 things I wish I’d done differently in my last wedding

Note to Self - 3 things I wish I'd done differently in my last weddingY’all know I have no problem laying myself bare when writing about my photography. I’m still learning (do you ever really stop?) and I take my readers with me as I learn, share the mistakes I’ve made and hopefully stay one step ahead of the beginners to help them over the bumps in the road. So I don’t mind sharing my failures as long as it will help someone avoid failures of their own.

Last week, I posted 7 things I was thinking about the day before a wedding. Today, a week later, I’ve made myself a list of the things I wish I’d done differently to look at before my next wedding. I do this exercise often in other facets of my business and it really helps. So without further ado, I share with you my failures. Please be kind!

{What I did Wrong}

1. I didn’t spend enough time with the groom. It’s just as important to get him getting ready with his guys as it is to get her getting ready with her girls. Note to self: Send my male assistant/second shooter in to visit the guys getting ready or get there earlier to do it myself.

Note to Self - 3 things I wish I'd done differently in my last wedding2. I forgot to go into the reception hall before the guests to get a pano shot of the hall before it filled with people and totally trashed after the meal. Note to self: Don’t forget it next time!

3. I really need to secure a better lens from now on. Whether I buy or hire, I refuse to do another wedding without a 70-200mm f/2.8. (what lens do you love for weddings?)

{What I did Right}

Although I made some mistakes, I did do a few things I’m proud of:

1. When it started raining, I did the family photos on the hotel staircase. I hated them. And although I got some hateful grumbles, I requested that we quickly re-do the shots in a better location when one was found. Note to self: Sometimes you have to stick your neck out or be firm for the sake of the outcome. I know the couple will be much happier with the second set of family portraits and none of us anticipated that rain would change our plans.

Note to Self - 3 things I wish I'd done differently in my last wedding2. I always remember the details. From the flowers to the shoes to the dessert and champagne, photograph all the details. They make great fillers and in-betweeners in the album. It’s often the little details which took the most thought and hold the most sentimental value for the couple.

3. Luckily, one of the 7 things I’d been thinking about the day before the wedding was to remember to introduce myself to the officiant of the ceremony. When i did, I learned that the civil ceremony doesn’t allow flash during the legal bits. Note to self: start a page in my notebook for the different types of locations and ceremonies and the rules. This will help me know what to anticipate as my experience grows.

I’m so happy that I could only think of 3 things I wish I’d done differently. I really believe that compiling a list of things to remember the day before helped me avert disaster. Dont be a chicken – tell us your biggest wedding faux pas we can learn from! :*)

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