Facebook Pixel Nikon Z9 Rumors: 45 MP, "Stunning" Autofocus, and a 2021 Release

Nikon Z9 Rumors: 45 MP, “Stunning” Autofocus, and a 2021 Release

the Nikon Z9 rumors: 45 MP, "stunning" autofocus, and a 2021 release

The Nikon Z9, Nikon’s not-yet-debuted flagship mirrorless camera, will offer a host of powerful features, according to the often-reliable Nikon Rumors.

While Nikon itself has previously revealed several promising Z9 specifications, including 8K video, a stacked CMOS sensor, and a new processor, the company has stopped short of providing a detailed feature set.

Enter Nikon Rumors, a website that has revealed several lists of rumored Z9 features over the last year – the most recent of which painted a relatively full picture of the camera that will soon take its place at the top of the Nikon mirrorless ladder.

First, NR revealed a “confirmed” resolution for the Z9: 45 megapixels, on par with both the Nikon D850 and the Z7/Z7 II, as well as the Canon EOS R5. This should provide plenty of pixels for cropping sports (and wildlife) photos, and will also satisfy resolution-hungry landscape photographers who require 30+ megapixels for large prints.

Previously, the Z9 was rumored to feature a 30 frames-per-second continuous shooting mode. Fresh information, however, suggests 120 frames-per-second shooting “in a lower res file size” – a speed far beyond anything Nikon (or any major camera company) has offered thus far.

But for action photographers, speed is only half the story; without top-notch autofocus, any camera will fall short, no matter its continuous shooting. Fortunately, the Nikon Z9 is poised to overtake even the D6, Nikon’s current flagship DSLR, in autofocus capabilities. According to Nikon Rumors, the Z9 packs “‘stunning’ AF tracking (better than the D6),” including “car autofocus, in addition to animal and people AF.”

Ergonomics will also be exceptional. NR promises a slew of “new menu features to tweak and match your shooting style,” along with an “improved articulated screen that even works in portrait mode.” There will be a D6-style integrated vertical grip, dual card slots, and a 5.76M-dot (or more) electronic viewfinder.

In other words: This is a no-holds-barred camera from Nikon, one that combines the latest and greatest mirrorless technology with the ruggedness and reliability of a flagship DSLR.

Of course, a top-notch camera like the Z9 will undoubtedly come with an exorbitant price tag (Nikon Rumors suggests $6000+ USD). But for those who can afford it, the Z9 may soon be the most powerful camera on the mirrorless market.

What about the Z9 release date?

Rumors suggest a September or October announcement (which is generally followed by product shipping within a few weeks). NR is cautious, however, noting that, “because of part shortage, the waiting time for the Z9 is expected to be very long.”

Regardless, the Z9 should be available for purchase before the end of 2021 – so if you’re in need of a best-in-class action camera, keep an eye out!

Now over to you:

What do you think of these Nikon Z9 rumors? Do you plan to buy the Z9? Are there any specific features you’d like to see? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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