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The Nikon Z30 May Be Announced Later This Month

Nikon may announce the Z30 in June

The Z30, Nikon’s long-rumored, entry-level APS-C mirrorless camera, may be about to launch.

This comes from Nikon Rumors, which notes that “the new Nikon Z30…is rumored to be announced soon, possibly in June.” Nikon has offered no confirmation of the Z30 announcement, but an upcoming summer release seems plausible, especially as Nikon seeks to draw attention away from Canon’s own APS-C announcements.

The Z30 would likely sit below the Z50 in the Nikon lineup, which is aimed at hobbyists and boasts a 20.9 MP sensor, 11 frames-per-second continuous shooting capabilities, and 4K/30p recording. But as NR points out, the Z50 is on the older side; hence, expect the Z30’s photo and video specifications to leapfrog over the Z50’s, potentially with the goal of competing with the Canon EOS R10, Canon’s just-announced APS-C model.

NR offers no definitive Z30 details. The site does list a handful of possible features, including in-body image stabilization, a 36+ megapixel sensor, and even 8K video, but goes on to call them “crazy specs that will probably never happen…from a new anonymous source.”

While I wouldn’t bet on seeing in-body image stabilization or 8K video, a higher-resolution APS-C sensor in the Z30 is likely. NR claims that “Nikon is done with the 24 MP sensors,” which begs the question: Where does Nikon plan to go next? 

We might get a 26 MP sensor à la Fujifilm, though a sensor in the 30-33 MP range is another possibility, and would offer extra cropping latitude as well as plenty of detail for large prints. Canon already offers the 32.5 MP EOS M6 Mark II, and the new EOS R7 will also pack a 32.5 MP APS-C sensor, so perhaps Nikon will match Canon’s top-tier crop-sensor model.

You can also expect enhanced continuous shooting capabilities for photographing action and kids – at least 15 FPS seems likely, given the ridiculously fast shutter on the EOS R10 and R7 – and improved autofocus capabilities thanks to the tremendous strides that manufacturers have made over the last couple of years. 

And don’t forget about video: The Z30 should record 4K/60p footage and will likely pack a vlogger-friendly articulating screen.

As for the Z30’s price: The Z50 debuted at $860 ($1000 with a kit lens), while the EOS R10 can be preordered for $979 (body only). I’d expect the Z30 to fall somewhere in the $800-$900 range, though I’ll certainly adjust my expectations upward or downward as we discover new Z30 features.

Beginners, hobbyists, and vloggers should keep an eye out for a Z30 announcement later this month. And if you’re hungry for a powerful entry-level APS-C model, you can check out the Canon EOS R10 in the meantime.

Now over to you:

What do you think of the upcoming Nikon Z30? What specifications do you hope to see? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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