Facebook Pixel Nikon Dropping International Warranty on Lenses and Accessories

Nikon Dropping International Warranty on Lenses and Accessories

Nikon Dropping International Warranty on Lenses and Accessories

Nikon recently announced its intention to shift away from international product warranties; the company will offer only country or regional warranties for camera equipment, including lenses and speedlights.

Nikon explains, “With the differences in regional laws and safety standards, it has become quite difficult to maintain a single international warranty that is effective around the world…[we] ultimately decided to begin the gradual transition from international warranties to regional warranties for interchangeable lenses and accessories in January of 2021.”

Prior to this move, select Nikon camera gear was guaranteed internationally for a full year after purchase. A travel photographer who purchased their Nikon lens in Britain could get it repaired in the US, and vice versa – but no longer. Once the transition to local warranties is complete, USA-bought equipment will likely only be repairable in the USA, and UK-bought equipment only repairable in the UK.

Nikon clarifies that you can still purchase gear with an existing international warranty, and the company will honor it (so if you were thinking of buying a Nikon lens and are a frequent traveler, then I suggest you move fast!). But regional and country warranties will only be honored within those regions and countries, which makes it much less desirable to purchase Nikon camera equipment abroad, take it back to your home country, and put it through its paces. 

You may be wondering: 

Does this really matter? How often will this affect me?

That depends on you and your photography. Travel photographers and casual photographers may purchase equipment while on vacation overseas – and if that’s you, you may find yourself with a useless warranty when you arrive back home.

Of course, there are also those who purchase photography equipment for lower prices overseas, then bring it back to their home country. If that’s you, then any future warranties will soon be void.

Nikon has not yet released information explaining which areas will be subject to country-wide warranties and which will have regional warranties, so keep an eye out for news from Nikon to see where you stand for future gear.

What do you think about this news? Does it bother you that Nikon is dropping its international warranty? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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