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Michael Freeman’s 101 Top Tips [BOOK REVIEW]

Michael Freeman's Top 101 Tips.jpgFor me, books of this type are often worth their weight in gold: not only do they remind you of the key essentials in digital photography, but they can often bring you back from the brink of pictorial disaster.

An example of the latter: I recall having trouble with an image that would not surrender to Photoshop’s winning ways — until the coin dropped! Using Levels I had adjusted the highlight and shadow points — but forgotten the grey point. If only Michael Freeman’s had been by my side, I would have woken up earlier. This imaging business can sometimes become so complex you forget the basics!

There are some terrific lessons in its 176 pages. Like: the reasons for shooting RAW; understanding and controlling the dynamic range in a shot; reading histograms; simple portrait lighting; shooting candid shots; making sure you get a subject’s permission. The list of helpers goes on.

While many of the 101 tips in book, I was surprised to find, dealt with how to repair/restore pictures in Photoshop, Aperture and Lightroom software, there is dead useful advice on camera techniques.

Why not try motion blurr? How to combine the effects of a slow shutter speed with subject motion to get that moving background effect.

Introduce a rhythm into your compositions. While symmetry is a positive in a picture, it helps to make it more striking if you place a rogue element in the frame. Freeman shows how.

Shoot high and low key. Assess your subject and control exposure to make the best of its contrast range.

There’s so much useful info in the book you could, almost make this the only manual you ever need.

Its’ that good!

Note: we’re informed that this book has been given two titles for different parts of the world. In the UK and some parts of the world it’s Michael Freeman’s 101 Top Tips – in the US it is Michael Freeman’s Top Tips (no 101 in the title).

Grab a copy at Amazon where it’s currently $19.77 (RRP is $29.95).

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