Meet The Photographers Who Write For Digital Photography School ~ Barrie Smith

Meet The Photographers Who Write For Digital Photography School ~ Barrie Smith

You’ve been reading their articles for months or years, have you ever wondered “Who are the photographers who write for dPS”? We thought it would be a good time to introduce them to you through a series of interviews.

Today meet Barrie Smith, Australia based writer-photographer.

1. How long have you been shooting?


Barrie Smith

2. Do you have a full time job or are you a full time photographer?

I am a full time writer-photographer.

 3. What does this require?

Ability to move quickly. Many of my subjects are people stories so I may make contact with the character one day, then talk to and shoot him or her the next.

My pictures are journalistic in style, so arty shots are not in the running.

4. What other jobs have you held in the industry?

Early days: film and video cameraman, then setting up and operating the TV workshop for a major international ad agency. Then directed TV commercials for a long, long time.

As a sideline started to write about photography for Australian and international magazines.

Wrote, photographed and self-published Australia’s only book on vintage cameras — THE CLASSICS: CAMERAS.

When digital cameras arrived (was it 1995?) I began shooting and writing on this topic as well as reviews on cameras and software.

Founding editor of Australian Videography and Australian Digital Camera magazines.

 4. When did you start writing for DPS and why?

Nearly four years ago I joined the team, thanks to a tip from a fellow contributor. Enjoy my stuff on the Web. Beats the bum off conventional publishing. Immediate communication with your audience. Rapid appearance online as against months of lead time with magazines.

 5. What do you shoot with?

Compact bridge cameras. Not a favourite of clumsy, heavy DSLRs!

 6. What would be your number one tip to any new photographer?

It’s the driver not the car!

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  • Steve Rubelmann February 11, 2013 06:09 am

    I very much enjoy Barrie's articles on equipment. He seems to have a more practical insight than many of the "technical reviewers" have, and that is so valuable to non-professionals like myself. Thanks, Barry, and thanks, Valerie for the interview.