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How to Manipulate Colours in Photoshop using Fill Layers

The other day, I was using a book template from The Album Cafe. I wanted to change the background colour scheme and didn’t know where to start but thought I’d try something that popped into my head and it worked a treat! So I wanted to share it with you lovely folks. It can work for anything – let me know how you use this method too!

1.} I started with the book page as completed if I wasn’t going to proceed with changing the graphics colours.

Fill Layers

2.} Then go to layer > new fill layer > solid colour. No matter the colour it chooses in the beginning, just click ok

Fill Layers 2

3.} In the layers palette, double click the layer colour and the dropper will appear. Use it to select colours from within your image to match to your background.

Fill Layers 3

4.} Use the blend mode ‘color’

Fill Layers 4

5.} Instantly, the layer underneath the fill layer changes. Pretty cool, huh?

Fill Layers 5

P.S. Just for the record, I liked this better before I changed the colour – just using it to show you how 🙂

How do you use this method?

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