Facebook Pixel Mamiya Announces New Medium Format DSLRs

Mamiya Announces New Medium Format DSLRs

afdiii1Mamiya, famous for their venerable range of medium format cameras, has announced the release of two new lines of medium format DSLRs.   With megapixel counts between 22MP and 56MP, the four new cameras are at the leading edge in the medium format arena.

While hard and fast stats have not been released, and while the press release last week is heavy on information about new lenses, it is exciting to see Maymiya bringing more options to the medium format market.

While the initial prices for even the DM22 and DM28 lower range cameras will likely be in the multiple thousand dollar range, Mamiya still describes them as, “priced at extremely attractive points.”

Which brings me to a question for our readers; For camera body alone, when does a medium format camera like those from Mamiya start to become a realistic choice for your photography?

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Peter West Carey
Peter West Carey

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