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How to Make Money as a Photographer with this Instagram Tip

Are you looking to make money using Instagram? Then this Instagram Tip from Rich Maciver is for you.

Many of you photographers out there are sure to have an Instagram account by now. You’ve probably been sharing your photos and following some of the photographers you love for quite some time. But have you ever wondered how you can utilise this platform to help you make money as well as share your photos?

In this video, Rich Maciver shares some useful pointers on how to make money with your photography using this popular social media platform.

So what’s it all about?

Instagram Directing Messaging (DM)!

How’s it done?

  • Search for people in your area using geotags (locations).
  • Check out their account to see if they are an influencer, model, business or restaurant, who may be in need of some professional photography.
  • Depending on your area of specialisation, choose the accounts that are the right type for you.
  • Look through their photos and see if they ever use professional photographers. If so, send them a DM with a short introduction, a link to your website. Maciver suggests something along the lines of this:  “Hi (name), Great page! If you’re ever looking for a photographer for your portfolio or any sponsor content, it would be great to work together. You can see some examples of my work on IG or my website ‘insert website here’. Regards, (your name)”
  • Look at any of the professional photographs they may have had taken and see who they have tagged as the photographer.
  • Look at the tagged photographers page and see who else they have photographed, and then contact those people too.

The deeper you go, the more people you will find that may be potential new clients.

Give it a go, and let us know if it works for you in the comments below.

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