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Lowepro Pro Roller X100

I’ve had the Lowepro Pro Roller x100 bag for a few weeks now and every time I use it I find a new function! The Lowepro design team really did an amazing job on this one! They thought of everything. So where do I start?

I was looking for a mobile studio to carry my gear when doing shoots on location. Being a photographer is hard enough on your back with all the bending, leaning and stretching involved, no need for the extra strain of carrying heavy gear when you shoot on location.

Lowepro Pro Roller X100

The Lowepro Pro Roller x100 features a fully customizable design which allows to carry two pro camera bodies with grip and an assortment of 5 or 6 lenses/flash. The flapside is covered with zippered pockets for manuals, filters, cleaning cloths etc. AND mini compartments with empty/full memory card indicator flaps to help keep you organized!

Although it is designed to fit as a carry on luggage on any airplane, the Lowepro design team wanted to prevent any last minute worst case scenario where a smaller aircraft would require you to check it with the luggage. With that in mind they added another really innovative feature: the Reserve Pack. You can unzip the bag from the hard case and use it as a backpack. The hard case itself can be zipped up and checked in empty if needed and your precious gear is safe on board with you in a downsized version of the bag! The backpack is not the most comfortable when fully loaded but it will do the trick in the event you need to use that option at the last minute.

Lowepro Pro Roller X100

Lowepro added a Lock & Go system featuring a 3 digit combination lock and a cable that fits through all the zipper pulls and keeps everything secure. The lock is TSA compliant which means that it can be opened with a special TSA key.

Lowepro Pro Roller X100

Another really neat added feature is the retractable TelePod handle with threaded camera mount which can serve as a emergency tripod or light platform. Talking about tripod… If you carry one around, you’ll have the option to attach it on the front or side of the bag thanks to a loop and compression strap and a removable bottom tripod holder.

What else? The wheels are removable and replaceable, the bag features a hideaway prop foot to angle the case for easy access to equipment. Finally, another must for the traveling photographer, the Pro Roller would not be complete without a notebook/tablet zippered pocket in the front of the bag.

Lowepro Pro Roller X100

Honestly, I can’t think of anything else they could have added to this bag. Unless you have a tripod attached to it, it looks like a regular carry-on rolling bag which is appealing to many traveling photographers who do not want to attract too much attention to the expensive gear they carry around.

Like any other gear manufactured by Lowepro, the Pro Roller x100 is definitely built to last and it shows. The price is a bit steep around $300 USD but you know how it goes: you get what you pay for! The Pro Roller x series comes in 3 sizes x100, x200 and x300, the two smaller ones are airline carry-on size. Comes in one color only and it’s black!

Get a Price on Amazon.com: click here (where it is currently 33% off at the time of writing this review).

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