Facebook Pixel Lowepro Classified 160 AW [REVIEW]

Lowepro Classified 160 AW [REVIEW]

I recently went along to a “London calling Photographers” meet up and with me I had one of the  Lowepro Classified 160 AW camera bags that I thought  I’d take along and have some lucky punter “win” and review for me. We put the names into a hat and had one chosen by a select board of judges (The bartender!) The lucky winner of the little bag was Eva AU. You can read her account of the camera bag below.

Lowepro Classified 160 AW

Lowepro Classified 160 AW

Here’s Eva’s review on the Lowepro Classified 160 AW.

At first glance, this simple-looking but stylish bag seemed extremely practical. First of all, as a woman of London, it’s very important that my bags match my shoes. Therefore the black and simple external look seemed to be a girl’s type of camera bag.

On the plus side, there are many pockets, card and pen holder areas. There just seemed to be so many different places to put your bits and pieces. There are also hidden pockets as well as a waterproof layer that you can zip out whenever it rains.

However, on the downside, the narrow shape just didn’t seem to fit my wide digital camera easily from the top. Also, despite the long length to fit a few good length lenses, it was just too awkward of a shape to carry over my shoulder as I am 5’2”. Having a single shoulder strap also caused me to have some neck discomfort by the end of the day since my camera equipment was too heavy for me to carry the bag this way. However, the handle at the top of the bag does allow you to hold it like a brief case for work.

Lowepro Classified 160 AW Family

Lowepro Classified 160 AW Family

If you need a good work or college bag but would like to carry a single camera or light equipment with you often, this is definitely the bag for you.

However, if you suffer from musculoskeletal neck and shoulder pain from heavy camera equipment, a backpack with a waist strap is much better for you in the long run. Otherwise, you could potentially be more business heading my way as I’m a physiotherapist!

Get a price on the Lowepro Classified 160 AW Shoulder Bag at Amazon.

Thanks to Eva Au Zveglic for this review of the Lowepro Classified 160 AW Bag!

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