Facebook Pixel LiveBooks Review: Great Looking Online Portfolios Made Easy

LiveBooks Review: Great Looking Online Portfolios Made Easy

So You Want Your Own Website

LiveBooks Review:  Great Looking Online Portfolios Made Easy
You’ve put together a pretty impressive photography portfolio, and you’re finally at the stage where you want to show your work to the world. Maybe you just want to share your work for critique, or even more likely, you’d like to lure potential clients in with examples of your photography, or maybe you just want to try pursuing a career actually directly selling your work. Whatever the reason, most of us have come to realize that an online portfolio is perhaps the most elegant way to pursue all of the objectives above. Your own personal site can be customized to your own aesthetics, not limited to just any ol’ photosharing site’s layout. A personal site is more distinguished, it says something to clients – it hints at a certain degree of professionalism and seriousness. And frankly a personal portfolio site is just a lot cooler, nothing beats the cache and simplicity of providing folks with your own “www.johnsmithphotography.com” URL name.

Likewise, I’ve also been wanting to have a place where I can show some of the work I do. Unfortunately one problem kept reoccurring that prevented me from going forward, that being I just don’t have the technical know-how to create my own site. Of course there are a number of solutions around that, starting with a brushing up of my HTML skills, but I really just don’t have the time. Besides, most of the portfolio sites I’ve looked at and liked were flash based, and that’s definitely beyond me. This lack of technical skills naturally means for me, and I suspect most photographers, having to seek the abilities of a web designer. There’s certainly nothing wrong with this approach, it’s just a matter of affordability. A really nice website, especially a flash-based design isn’t cheap, not to mention you’ll be beholden to the designer going forward if you need to make changes to your site, which again can be expensive.

Choosing liveBooks

LiveBooks Review:  Great Looking Online Portfolios Made Easy

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