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Lightroom 5 Tips – Hidden Gems


Lightroom_iconAdobe Photoshop Lightroom instructor Julieanne Kost goes over some of the lesser known, yet less exciting features and some Lightroom 5 tips. If you haven’t upgraded from Lightroom 4 yet this will be a little preview. I would personally highly recommend that you do upgrade to LR5 if you haven’t yet.

Note: if you don’t yet have Lightroom check out this special deal Adobe currently have for dPS readers.

Some of my favourite LR5 new features are:

  • the Radial Filter
  • that the heal/clone tool is paintable now and not just a dot
  • the auto correct for perspective to correct buildings and tilted images
  • the BOOK module is greatly improved for ordering Blurb books
  • Smart Previews which I didn’t think I’d have a use for but have used a few times now

Watch the video below for some hidden gems in LR5

What are your favourite new features?

Do you have any other hidden gems that aren’t covered in this video? If so please share with us in the comments!

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  • Cristiano Dri

    The title is misleading. These are not LR5 tips, but is a list of some of your favorites features, which lacks any kind of advice on how to put to use these lesser known features.
    In my opinion this article doesn’t reach the high quality standard of DPS.

  • Cristiano Dri

    Sorry, I’m on the phone and I didn’t noticed there’s also a video.
    I’ve tried to delete my previous comment, but the Disqus interface doesn’t let me to (at least from the phone).
    Could an admin/editor delete my comments, please?

  • ccting

    Great article – i have been waiting for this kind of article for long long.. time. TY.

  • Thought the same thing myself until I read your comment!

    BUT the author’s 5 fav features are different from the ones in the video (which are the “10 hidden gems” ) so you’re still right in a way 🙂

    Regardless, I still found the video is pretty helpful.

  • rexel99

    Really good tips. There are a few in there I will try to remember and perhaps use. Many however will be an occasional thing but at least I know they exist now, somewhere. I find it disappointing that a new software re-vision has these great enhancements without being well documented or delivered to owners of the product (until a third-party trainer writes in their blog) and also that with allll the features remembering their shortcut key is impossible, Who thought of ‘B’ to add an image to a collection? Thanks for the article.

  • Vivian Nguyen

    The “survey” feature is one of my favorite features in Lightroom 5. I can easily compare multiple shots simultaneously.

  • Super helpful! Looking forward to testing some of these out.

  • Not to worry glad you got it now

  • Friendly

    How do you spell favourite (Favorite)?

  • jake

    To supplement these awesome hidden features as explained in the video (lol i didnt see that too first) here are 50+ 100% Free Lightroom Presets you can use however you want:

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