Facebook Pixel Lens Flipper Versatile Review: A Quick Way to Switch Out Lenses

Lens Flipper Versatile Review: A Quick Way to Switch Out Lenses

a review of the Lens Flipper Versatile

Sometimes, keeping things simple while you’re out on a shoot can be refreshing. Wouldn’t you like to take the lens you want, a second lens you might need, and be ready to swap them out at a moment’s notice? Wouldn’t you like to shoot without a bag full of gear you likely won’t use?

If so, then GoWing’s Lens Flipper Versatile (LFV) will be a breath of fresh air.

We recently got a sneak preview of the brand-new LFV, and we were really happy with it! If you’re interested, head over to Kickstarter to check it out.

Lens Flipper Versatile review

What is the Lens Flipper Versatile?

The original Lens Flipper is essentially a double-sided lens mount that you can hang from a camera strap. You attach your spare lens to one side, and when you need to switch lenses, you simply remove the lens from your camera, attach it to the free side of the Lens Flipper, and attach the spare lens to your camera.

It’s a great way to travel light, and it will help you switch lenses more quickly than ever before.

The Lens Flipper Versatile is an upgraded version of the Lens Flipper. Instead of strap loops, it features a sturdy 1/4″-20 screw thread mount, which means you can attach hooks, balls, pins, and more. In other words, you can attach your LFV (and spare lenses) to pretty much any strap, belt, or bag – including those offered by Spider Holster, Cotton Carrier, and HoldFast Gear.

Lens Flipper Versatile review

That way, you’ll be ready to shoot and swap out your lens in seconds (so you don’t miss the perfect photo!).

To see the Lens Flipper Versatile in action, take a look at this video:

When might you need the Lens Flipper Versatile?

The LFV is amazing for so many scenarios. Here are just a few that you might experience on a regular basis:

  • You’re photographing the kids at the park, and you suddenly realize you want to swap from a longer lens to a wide-angle lens to capture the action.
  • You’re shooting sports on the weekend, and your 24-70mm lens is on your camera, but you want to switch over to your 70-200mm lens as fast as possible.
  • You’re heading out on a hike, but you don’t want to carry a bulky backpack or shoulder bag.

Whether you’re planning a day out with the family or a photoshoot where you want to travel light, the LFV is a great little tool to have in hand. It’s well built and well priced, so well done, GoWing!

Again, if you’re interested, check out the LFV on Kickstarter!

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