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Leica M Digital Photography – Book Review

Leica Digital Photography Book Review.jpgFrequently, the purchase of a new camera also involves an outlay for another manual aside from the one supplied with the camera. Taking on a Leica means more than the mere acquisition of another camera … the history and sheer engineering tradition of this device means you also engage with a historic culture.

Leica M Digital Photography is a book deals with the Leica M camera and the M8 and M8.2 specifically. Author explains that he acquired first Leica — an M2 film model — and has since owned and thoroughly enjoyed all the subsequent Leica M-series models. He admits that “none of them has engendered quite the same excitement” as that first M2.Until the digital M8 came along.

The book takes you through the M series history, then outlines the components of the M8: camera layout, shutter construction, rangefinder, viewfinder etc.

Early pages explain the camera’s control setup, LCD menu and camera operation. Much of the information is ‘Leica lore’ — how technical developments have shaped the company’s products and contributed to the Leica legend.

Here are some examples, quoted in the book:

  • Leica currently uses low temperatures in the coating of its lenses; this contributes to less stressing of the glass elements.
  • Lens construction relies on a combination of aluminium alloy and brass, rather than aluminium and polycarbonate.
    The current range of lenses is described, beginning with the superb Tri-Elmar 16-18-21mm lens. It tops out with the Apo Telyt 1355mm.

One f the dangers of the book is that, if you are not a current Leica-phile, a drift through its pages will trigger a desperate visit to your local Leica sales outlet!


Leica Digital Photography Book Details

Author: B Bower.
Publisher: Lark.
Distributor: Capricorn Link.
Length: 192 pages.
ISBN: 978 1 60059 193 8.
Price: Get a price on the Leica M Digital Photography at Amazon (at time of publishing 37% off)

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