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Lee Frost’s Landscape Photography [Book Review]

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Possibly the most photographed subject but likely to be the least understood in the photographer’s output is landscapes.

As author Frost candidly admits, his early efforts at landscape photography “left a lot to be desired” but a change in his home environment left him inspired by the unfamiliarity of new surroundings.”

The book’s early chapters deal with choice of equipment, with a loving last look at film cameras, along with the quirky Holga and Polaroids … quickly followed by a reluctant, fresh look at digital and its pros and cons.

Many of the succeeding pages deal with using filters, choice of subject and how to understand how the time of day, along with the quality and type of light you will encounter throughout the shooting day and the effect of varying colour temperature in those hours.

There are great dollops of advice that could be seen as film-centric: exposure and metering, bracketing, reciprocity failure and depth of field. But most of the messages can also apply to digital capture.

The images in the book are sumptuous but, IMHO, a little staid.

Nevertheless, the information is useful.

More Details on Lee Frost’s Landscape Photography

Author: L Frost.
Publisher: David & Charles.
Distributor: Capricorn Link.
Length: 144 pages.
ISBN 978 0 7153 2564 3.
Price: Get a Price at Amazon for Lee Frost’s Landscape Photography.

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