Facebook Pixel Keeping Photography In Perspective When Traveling

Keeping Photography In Perspective When Traveling

Tourist-CamerasDon’t spend your whole trip with your camera to the eye

I’m often amazed to see groups of travelers driving up to a location – all piling out of the bus for a 2 minute stop so that all forty people can run out and take exactly the same shot. Sometimes travel groups look more like press conferences.

Last time I was on a tour overseas I heard two fellow travelers talking about how devastated they were to run out of batteries at one location and to not be able to get a shot of themselves there.

While I understood their disappointment I was stunned to hear one of them say that the ‘whole day was a complete waste of time’ because they didn’t ‘get the shot’.

Travel is about more than just the photos you take.

Put the camera down and enjoy the moment.

You don’t need to capture a moment to make it a valid experience.

In fact sometimes the drive to ‘capture’ every moment can become a distraction from the true joy of travel.

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Keeping Photography In Perspective When Traveling

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