It's a Bug's Life - 27 Super Macro Photography Images

It’s a Bug’s Life – 27 Super Macro Photography Images


Editor’s Note: This is part a series on macro photography this week. Look for a new one each day. The next newsletter will have them all if you miss any!

Macro photography is all about getting close and photographing small things. The tiny world of bugs and insects is perfect for macro photographers as there are always an abundance of them no matter where you live.

Let’s see some examples of images by photographers who have delved into the micro world of bugs:

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  • Stunning!! I can’t move my eyes from these. I love these so much. Thanks for sharing these..

  • Bonnie1248

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  • Lorna

    Stunning shots! I hope some day to shoot something like those.

  • Feenix

    Familiar Bluet, Enallagma civile, in flight.

  • Feenix

    The Boatman


    i have to say it just WOW!!! amazing shots everyone!

  • Janet

    I would recommend Pei Ling Lee’s photography, she has such amazingly beautiful photos…here’s one of mine- grasshopper nymph on a tulip

  • Mary Denman

    I love the insect that totally blends in with the plant as well as the dragonfly!

  • Mary Denman

    Phenomenal. Just phenomenal.

  • Frank Prince

    Some very nice macro images here, thank you for sharing. Here is one of mine I call this one Hello.

  • SteveR

    Saying nightly prayers. This praying mantis was hunting under my porch light. I used a flash to keep the ISO reasonable.

  • SteveR

    Readying for take-off.

  • Amazing images!!!!!!

  • Some amazing photographs here. I would love to know the how-they-did-that to them. Working with insects is a real challenge. There must be some secrets that these photographers aren’t letting on!

    I think the next item on my wish list is a focus rail, even though I barely use my tripod for macros, handholding for focus stacks is near impossible.

    Here is a macro I made this afternoon.

  • Great shot!

  • Great!

  • Feenix


  • Feenix

    I didn’t even know the other guy was there until I got the image on my computer!

  • Jonathan Watson

    All these MACRO shots are awesomely GREAT.
    WELL DONE!!!!

  • Diana O’Bryan White

    Beautifully done with the reflection..interesting!

  • Thanks Robin, I appreciate the comment.

  • Some real chimpers here

  • Vince Contreras

    My recent capture of a Mexican Amberwing dragonfly.

  • Michael Cutajar

    One of my first macro photos.

  • Michael Cutajar

    One of my first macro photos

  • Clement Irie

    Nice article

  • Johhny

    A little sharper

  • Manoj Kumar


  • Jayanta Adhikari

    to have this kind of MACRO shots…what should be the settings? I do use a Macro Lens and shoot macro photos at f/2.8; and later when I saw those pictures, I realized that they were sharp in the focal point (shallow depth of field) … but here almost all the macro photos have brilliant sharpness throughout the frame. How to achieve this? what kind of setting?

  • sandra savin

    que lente usan para macro fotografia?

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