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It’s all About Framing!

A guest post by Sévrine Monnay, New York Photo Tours company citifari’s copywriter

How to make a great picture? What are the keys elements that help shooting pics successfully? What should we have to be careful about to get the most out of the scene we want to remember?

Why Framing?

Of course the camera settings and the subject choice play a role, but the framing is most critical. We don’t take pictures. We build them. Let’s take an example: on vacations and you may want to photograph a famous monument. You have chosen your topic and you are ready to press the shutter. Just few questions: have you paid attention to the elements around? Is there another way to approach the picture? Must the subject necessarily be at the center of the composition? Photography is not only to put in the box the subjects you want to remember. Photography is more about feelings, than things. Give life to your subjects! Retransmit sensations! Be the master of your pictures! In short, think out of the (camera) box!

20120428 IMG 2909

Framing or Composition?

However, basics framing rules must not be forsaken. There is a difference between composing and framing. Composing is an artistic process, while framing is about defining your creation. To put a strict frame will not harm your composition; on the contrary, it will give character to your pictures. Let’s take the picture below. The first rule of framing is not to cut your main subject, in this case, this magnificent cast-iron building and its timeless charm. But it’s interesting to play with the particular form of the subject too. That’s why the picture is shot from below to give the sense of depth. Then the second choice is about the subject size. The building is not shot from top to bottom to keep the length dynamic. The floor lamp, as the second subject of the picture, is taken in the same way. The last adjustment is made with the photo slightly turned to pass the feeling that the building is tilting forward.

20120325 IMG 1916

How to get it?

It is not that hard to pay attention to everything when you are taking your pictures. No panic! Remember to train yourself for your next pictures and it will rapidly become a habit that you don’t think about. Soon you’ll have the perfect picture in mind well before taking out your camera and you will produce next picture perfect candidates.

20120826 IMG 5078

How to Practice Framing?

Citifari offers photo tours in New York City. Structured as a 2-1/2 hour practical workshop, citifari tour helps you get comfortable with your camera settings and take great shots in New York City. They currently offer 3 photo tours: New York Landmarks, New York by Night, and Central Park. The new Soho tour will be launched on 29th September and will pay tribute to the timeless architecture of the famous Cast Iron District. For more information about citifari:


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