Facebook Pixel ISO Has NOTHING To Do With Exposure! What?! (video)

ISO Has NOTHING To Do With Exposure! What?! (video)

Off the back of one of our previously published articles about the exposure triangle, one of our readers shared his video with us stating that ISO has NOTHING to do with exposure! So technically, does it belong in the “Exposure” Triangle?

What? I hear you say.

Well, check out this video from dPS reader, Chris Lee, aka pal2tech.

Chris states that ISO has nothing to do with the light hitting the sensor. It is, instead, “amplifying the electrical charge in the sensor’s photosites…each photosite then sends the electrical charge into the camera’s analog to digital converter, which then turns the voltage into a digital value.”

What? I still hear you say?

Also, Chris states that ISO does not create “noise” but only amplifies what is already there in the image. Phew.

Just watch the video. It makes way more sense, and it has good humor!

Thanks, Chris.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Please share them with us in the comments below.

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