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Is Geotagging Images a Dying Trend? POLL RESULTS

It wasn’t long ago that when experts were asked about what the next big thing in photography would be that ‘geotagging’ images was the commonly heard answer. We have seen more cameras released with geotagging capabilities and a lot of post processing software being released with it built in – but is anyone geotagging their images?

We decided to ask our readers if they’ve ever geotagged an image and here’s what they said (based upon 17,478 responses).

Screen Shot 2012-07-27 at 3.48.23 PM.png

So 72% of our readers have never Geotagged an image and a further 2% have done it in the past but no longer do.

Of course this might not be too bad for Geotagging – after all its a relatively new thing isn’t it?

Here’s where it gets interesting – we ran exactly the same poll just over 3 years ago – back in 2009 – when Geotagging was much newer and where it was more difficult to do (in fact many of our readers back then were doing it quite manually). So what were the results back in 2009?

Screen Shot 2012-07-27 at 3.54.14 PM.jpg

That’s right – back then 35% of our readers said that they either geotagged all the time or some of the time (as opposed to 26% today).65% didn’t geotag any more as opposed to 74% today.

Now these are not scientific results by any means and our readership has grown and changed a fair bit since 2009 – however I find it interesting that despite there being more tools available to geotag images that our readership is doing it less than they did 3 years ago.

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Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse

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