Facebook Pixel iPhones, Instagram and Your Photography Business

iPhones, Instagram and Your Photography Business

No, I am NOT telling you that you should replace your DSLR with your iPhone. So, let’s be clear on that. Having an iPhone thought does give you a new market to tap into and a new perspective on your photography and your style.

Just a few short years ago, every client started asking for web sized images to share on Facebook or to email to relatives. Now everyone asks if it’s okay to Instagram their photos. Times are changing for photography and people want to be able to share their photos right away.

During a session it is pretty standard that no one else is shooting. This way your client knows where to look, there are no distractions for them, and you can control the images that you are putting out there. But as trends are changing everywhere else in technology, they have also affected photography and what clients want.

Keeping up with what is trending is as easy as logging onto your Facebook page and seeing what your latest senior has been posting. Everything from Instagram photos to Vine videos is what they are talking about and looking for. At first you might feel odd about setting your DSLR camera down for a quick image for Instagram, but your client will love it. Let them know ahead of time that you are going to take one or two images to post to Instagram and that if they follow you they can see them and you can tag them in the images. Of course, on the spot images won’t have your logo, but you can tag them from your business and make sure your contract with them states that they won’t alter the images or add filters. It’s a quick and very simple way to make a client very happy. (Especially if it is a gorgeous image of them!)

Instagram is not your only option for creating cool photos for your clients. It’s nice when you have a few apps on your phone that you can choose from just based on the feel and look of the shoot. Instagram is a nice overall app to have and you can post the images right away without a lot of tweaking for the images. Instagram does allow you to add filters, blur or frames to your images. With Instagram you can post directly to your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare and you can also send the images in an email.

Image posted to Instagram with frame, blur and a basic filter.

One of my favorite apps right now is called Snapseed. It’s a free app but it comes with a ton of fun stuff to really enhance your images and make them stand out. Textures, filters, light leaks, frames…you name it and Snapseed probably has it. And just like Instagram you can upload the images directly to your Facebook, Google + or you can email them.

Same image with frame, texture, and filter from Snapseed.

Pixlromatic is another free app that lets you add frames and effects to your images. It comes with standard default effects and you can purchase additional upgraded effects. The free app lets you add effects such as bokeh, light leaks, filters and frames. You can save the image into your camera roll on your phone or you can upload it to your Facebook, Twitter, or email.

Image with filter and frame from Pixlromatic.

If you want to create a collage or storyboard for your client with their images you can use an app called Moldiv. You can frame up to 9 of your images, put them in a collage or stitch them together . It also allows you to add text if you want. With Moldiv you can upload to your Instagram or share on Facebook or Twitter.

Image in collage with another old car on Moldiva.

And of course, if you want to use Instagram, but want to be able to make the image look it’s best and add your logo you can download an action that resizes and preps your images from Colorvale Actions. This action can be used with portrait or landscape images.

Colorvale logo

You can download the Colorvale free action here.

Using your phone and any of these apps is an easy way to provide your clients with images that they can use on whatever social media they use. If you upload and tag them, more people will be seeing your business and will see that you are providing all around service for your clients.

Note: The apps listed above are all free to download.

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Lori Peterson

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