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How to Take Creative Control of Your iPhone

Iphonephotography3d350I’m excited today to announce the release of a new dPS eBook – iPhone Photography: How to Shoot, Edit and Share Great Photographs.

It is available now for immediate purchase and download for just $14.99 – 25% off for a limited time.

You can read a full description of what the eBook covers on our iPhone Photography eBook information page but in short it’s a partnership with world renowned Mobile Photographer – Misho Baranovic – that walks readers through how to Shoot, Edit and Share beautiful photos with their iPhones.

Grab your copy here.

Why an iPhone Photography eBook?

I’ve already heard this question a few times from some – why would a photography site like dPS release an iPhone Photography eBook when we spend so much time talking about ‘real’ cameras?

It’s a great question and one I wanted to tackle with a personal reflection.

At our house we have – as you may expect – quite a few cameras. I’m something of a camera junkie and over the years have researched and purchased a number of cameras – each chosen for the ability to take great photos.

As a result – it is rare for me to attend a family event without at least one of these cameras (and appropriate lenses and accessories). However it’s interesting to see what photos taken at these events get seen by the most people.

In general – it’s the shots taken by my wife on her iPhone which is quickly pulled out of her purse and used to shoot a snapshot to be immediately uploaded to Facebook that get seen the most.

It may not be the camera in our house with the best lens or most megapixels – but the fact that the iPhone is always with her and that it is a natural part of how she connects with her friendship network means that it is perhaps the most important camera in our house.

I’ve also noticed since having an iPhone that the same thing is often true for me too.

As I look back through the many thousands of images in my own image archives my eyes are often drawn to photos of special moments with my kids (like the ones below) where I was caught without my DSLR but which I was able to spontaneously record with the camera that is always in my pocket – my iPhone.

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Our family is not alone – millions around the world use iPhones to take photos of meaningful moments.

However the unfortunate fact is that many of the millions of images taken with iPhones each day could be improved with just a little knowledge of how iPhone cameras work and how to get the most out of them.

As a result the idea for this eBook emerged.

What’s Inside

We hunted down a world renowned Mobile Photographer – Misho Baranovic – and convinced him (not that it took too much arm twisting) to write the ultimate guide to iPhone Photography. To help people like my wife… and me… to lift our iPhone snapshots up to be the kind of shots that not help us to truly remember the those important moments in our lives.

Misho has created an information packed yet highly practical eBook that we guarantee will help you improve your iPhone Photography (and if it doesn’t – we’ll refund your money).

Inside you’ll discover:

  • How the iPhone Camera works and how to use it to take great photos
  • How to take more Control of your iPhone using Camera Replacement Apps (with a rundown of the best ones)
  • Advanced Shooting Techniques with the ProCamera App to gain maximum control over focusing and exposure
  • How to find compelling subjects to shoot on the street, with the family, in nature, travelling and at night
  • How to develop your own editing style
  • A rundown of native iPhone editing functions
  • An overview of the best editing apps including one touch apps, filter based editing apps and professional editing apps and techniques.
  • How to add text and graphic elements to your photos
  • How to share your images with family, friends and the wider mobile photography community
  • How to Get Your images ready to print

Iphone fan layout

In addition there are practical exercises to try, interviews with some of the world’s best iPhone photographers and plenty of illustrations, screenshots and examples to help you visualise what you’re learning.

Grab Your Copy Today

If you are ready to grab creative control of your iPhone (or if you know someone else who could benefit from the knowledge) you can secure your copy of iPhone Photography today for just $14.99 (USD) – a saving of 25% for the next couple of weeks only.

It will give you access to downloadable PDF and ePUB versions of this eBook so that you can view it on any number of devices including your computer, iPads, iPhones, Nooks, Sony Readers and more.

Nee more information? Check out the full information page here – otherwise order yours by clicking the download button below.

How to Take Creative Control of Your iPhone

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