Portraits of Women - a Collection of Images

Inspiring Portraits of Women – a Collection of Images

mona-lisa.jpgThis week as part of our Portrait Deep Dive we’re going to look at portraits of ladies. So let’s start with one of the most famous, the Mona Lisa.

Darren wrote – What the Mona Lisa can teach us about taking great portraits

Painted almost 600 years ago she’s still as lovely today as she was then. Why does this painting work so well? What about it is so intriguing? Is it the lighting, or her sly smile? I like to think it’s because she’s an elegant woman of her time.

Old, young, trendy, casual, sporty, elegant, contemptuous, spirited, or shy; today we celebrate the ladies.

Let’s look at some inspiring portraits of women in this collection today:

By Zuhair A. Al-Traifi

By Trey Ratcliff

By Sukanto Debnath

By Christopher Walker

By www.karlocamero.com

By joshuaporter.co.uk

By Zuhair A. Al-Traifi

By Andy Leddy

By Petras Gagilas

By Andy Leddy

By Sukanto Debnath

By Chloe Wright

By Ronn aka “Blue” Aldaman

By Girish Suryawanshi

By Prachanart Viriyaraks

By hydropeek

By nicksushkevich

By Sacha Fernandez

By Ryan Seyeau

By Julie Kertesz

By Vineet Radhakrishnan

By MD. Hasibul Haque Sakib

By LynchianDreams

By kris krüg

By ????????? ????????

By Dorret

By andrea floris

By Steve Jurvetson

By Hannah Kate

By Simón Pais-Thomas

By Joe Gunawan | fotosiamo.com

By Simón Pais-Thomas


By Simón Pais-Thomas

By Lotus Carroll

By Micha? Huniewicz

By Sean Molin

By reway2007

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Do you have a favorite portrait of a special lady in your life? Or perhaps yourself? Please, do share!

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