Initial impressions of the Nikon D750

Initial impressions of the Nikon D750

Nikon D750

Nikon D750

When Nikon made their announcement just prior to Photokina in September of this year (2014)  that they were launching the D750, my interest piqued, especially as the specs on paper were ticking all my requirement boxes. The price looked good too!

I have had the Nikon D750 a little over two months now, but have yet to put this camera through any serious testing. Over the following months, I will give this camera a thorough workout. In the meantime, this article will outline my first impressions and why I chose this particular camera.

‘Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all’…why mirrorless of course!’

Before I finally went ahead and purchased the Nikon D750, I did seriously consider taking the mirrorless route. Sony and Fuji have some excellent ones on the market. At this moment in time, I do feel the choice of lenses available are still limited. That said, because these MILC (mirroless interchangeable lens cameras) are much lighter than DSLRs, this is a serious factor to consider, especially if travel and landscape photography is your speciality.

If you are interested in reading more about this topic, Simon Ringsmuth has an interesting article here the whole DSLR versus Mirrorless debate.

Main considerations before I bought the D750

  1. I was looking to upgrade from my APS-C sensor camera to a full frame one. I’m not bothered about the brand – it’s what the camera can do for me.
  2. I wanted more dynamic range, so a larger sensor and megapixels was a prerequisite.
  3. Faster AF system.
  4. Trade-in my older gear to lessen the financial blow, plus it didn’t make sense for me to hang onto to older gear with the current speed of technology.
  5. Video – I want to get more adept at shooting HD video footage.

A camera is an important tool in the photography profession and whatever camera suits your needs and gets the job done is the one for you.

I wanted to upgrade to a full-frame camera and use full frame lenses. My Nikon D300 which has an APS-C sensor had served me well and it was seven years old. I don’t believe in holding on to digital equipment for too long, because it depreciates so quickly. I traded-in this camera with the 18-200mm lens which did make a difference to the final bill.


When I held the D750 for the first time, the ergonomics felt great. The extra dimension to the grip makes all the difference and it fits very comfortably in my hand. I don’t have large, nor petite hands. The body feels lighter than my previous body and more slimline but still has that solid feel of a DSLR.


The grip on the Nikon has been extended to allow for a much more comfortable hold.

I got the Nikkor 24-120mm f/4 lens with the camera in a bundle deal. In doing so, I got the lens for nearly half of the purchase price. This particular lens isn’t light though, it weighs nearly the same as the camera body, which is about 755g(1.7lb) including the battery. The camera plus this lens was now more hefty to hold.

Nikon-D750-24-120mm f/4-lens+50mm-f/1.8D-lens

Nikon D750 with the Nikkor 24-120mm f/4 lens plus the 50mm f/1.8D.

First Test Run

On the day that I took the camera out for its initial test run it was a fantastic sunny day. I had the 50mm f1.18D lens attached. It felt so light, mind you this lens weighs practically nothing in comparison to other lenses.

Immediately, the camera felt very intuitive as I wasn’t fumbling around getting to grips with dials and menu systems. I am biased here given that I am more familiar with Nikon cameras so I had an advantage.

Image Quality

I have to admit that I am a bit of a pixel peeper. This camera has a high resolution 24.3 megapixel sensor, which is reflected in the quality of the images. I was impressed with the detail and color of the images.


Zoomed in at 100% to show the detail on the elastic cord on this dinghy.


The speed of the Autofocus was just amazing. It was very responsive and super fast.


The AF was super fast and a dream to use. I was able to focus on the yachts in the background and then re-focus quickly on this part of the rope.

Dynamic Range

I had the opportunity to go on a night shoot in early November. I had never shot at night before, so this was a first. There was a full moon, so seemingly that’s not good if you want to catch star trails. I was happy enough with the moon. When I uploaded the images onto my computer, I wanted to see how much detail I could recover using Camera Raw. I was gob smacked!


I took this shot on a night shoot with a group. This is the jpeg version, straight out of the camera.


This is the RAW file of the same night shot. However, when I brought it into Camera Raw, I was able to push the exposure by three and half stops to recover this detail, amazing!


This jpeg image that is straight-out-of-camera was taken accidentally while holding the camera down. If you look closely, you can just barely see the highlights from the plastic bag with the batteries in it.


This is the RAW file of the same accidental shot processed with Camera Raw, where I was able to push the exposure by five stops.

Adobe have launched camera raw 8.7 for the Nikon D750 but anyone who is using Adobe CS6, can download Photoshop Camera Raw 8.7 here.


This camera exceeds my expectations and then some with regards to image quality and dynamic range. The autofocus is so responsive and super fast.

I haven’t tested out the WiFi but this would not be a main consideration for me.

However, the tilt screen is a nice feature. This would be particularly useful, especially if you are a wedding photographer and you want to get down low for an interesting point of view or if you want to take an overhead shot at  a concert.


Not enough time!

I have yet to put this camera through its proper paces. Once I have properly tested out this camera, the cons may present themselves or will they?

Have you picked one up to try it or invested in the D750 already? What are your initial impressions?

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Sarah Hipwell is an independent professional photographer based in Dublin. She specialises in high-quality corporate, stock and portraiture photography. Her background is in Design. She received her BA in Hons Design from the University of Ulster, Belfast. She has many years commercial design experience working as a designer and as a trainer for large multimedia companies. See more of her work at or at 500px.

  • dcalderonv

    Sarah great article and I share same impressions with you of my D750.

    I assume you are already aware of the flare issue they’ve discovered on the D750 and the big buzz about possible recalls and repairs from Nikon. From your experience and perspective as a professional photographer, what’s your opinion on this issue? I mean, given the particular situations where that frame appears on the pictures, and its impact, how bad do you think it is? Is that something that would make you considering buying this camera again? Thanks for your opinion!

  • Sarah Hipwell

    Hi dcalderonv, many thanks for your comment. Indeed I am aware of this flare issue but I haven’t discovered this issue with my camera. I believe it’s in live view mode that you see it? Anyway I haven’t checked yet for this problem but I will. That said, Nikon have reacted quite quickly by issuing a statement that they intend to address/fix this issue with all current owners of the D750 at the end of January.

    To be honest, it’s not affecting my style of photography or enjoyment of this camera. But if I do find this problem than I’ll just bring it back to my local camera retailer and get it sorted. I’ll update my findings in my full review of this camera at a later date.

  • dcalderonv

    Thanks Sarah. Look forward to the full review.

  • Very good review

  • Rob

    I bought one two months ago. I use it always. My d800 is lonelier every week that goes by. I luv this camera. Luv it! I considered going Sony mirror less. Was very very close. This camera changed my mind. Likely I will go mirrorless in time. I shoot weddings families babies commercial….100% jpg. This cam rocks….

  • hasan shaboot

    thank you for this great review …….. i have this cam for one month now … but not shot much . the image quality is so amazing with real good AF . and large dynamic range . also notice low noise .
    in other side
    my 2 x 16 GB ram ( total 32 ) full Quickly
    i get this flare issue when i intended to do that ( but flash of my phone so near out of left upper frame of cam ) but seriously no one take a photo in this condition ??!! its imposible to get that shot in any cam out there .

    i am upload some photo on flicker taken by D750 but login with facebook not working on this site ( may be i am not know to do that hhhh )

    thanx again
    Dr. hasan shaboot

  • I bought one two weeks ago, for very similar reasons to you (except I’m not that interested in video). I considered the Sony A7R, since I have a neck problem and a lower-weight system would have been welcome. However, reviews of that said there was a greater lag on the shutter, which was no good for action photography. If I only wanted to do landscapes, I’d have gone for the Sony. But I’m delighted with the D750, and haven’t had the flare problem.

  • Sarah Hipwell

    Hi Rob, I was sorely tempted in getting the D800/810 initially but the file size of the images was too much for me. The file size from the D750 is a nice balance.

  • Sarah Hipwell

    Hi David, this is where currently, mirrorless cameras have an advantage over DSLR cameras is the weight factor. This is a big consideration especially in your case or landscape photographers, who hike for hours with a lot of gear.

  • Sarah Hipwell

    Thx Dr. Shaboot for your comment. Do you shoot RAW/jpeg?

  • Indeed, Sarah, but I have more of an all-round interest (well, OK, jack of all trades, master of none!), so I have to put up with the weight in my LowePro rucksack. And I’m encouraging my 11-year-old daughter, who is showing a real talent for photography. She enjoys wildlife photography, so again fast autofocus, a responsive shutter, and a good burst speed are all important for us. On first impressions, the D750 suits us admirably.

  • Sarah Hipwell

    Thx Lex, watch this space for the full review.

  • David Freeman

    I switched from a canon 7d and 70-200 usm l ii lens to the D750. I also wanted to change from the crop sensor to a full frame. I am a die hard canon fan! it was a very hard choice to sell my canon gear to switch to Nikon. But, I couldn’t be any happier. I have had the D750 for about a month now and love the detail I can capture. I really haven’t had time to get out there and try using it for different situations, but so far I love what I have done with it. Attached picture I shot with the 105mm macro lens.

  • Dorothea Heath

    I have just bought this camera…so far I love it. I have tested it with the lens flare…and does not seem to be a problem! I do a lot of macro and use a sigma 105 lens and it is fantastic. I have gone from the D300 that I loved to the D 750 and I am very happy!

  • David Freeman

    I’m new to macro, I bought the nikon 105mm with the D750. So far loving it

  • Sohail Alam

    I got my Nikon D750 last month and use it with a not so great lens (Nikon 24-85mm 3.5-4.5G ED) but the camera still gives just Amazing images.
    I’ve attached a portrait from my sisters wedding that I took with this camera.

  • Sohail Alam

    I think the flare issue isn’t really a problem. I’m not a pro but i’ve been using the camera for about a good month now and I’ve shot a wedding within this time. The camera performs great and the flare issue is very very rare, that is if your piece is faulty. I havent had any flaring issues yet and I’ve shot many photos where the light source was directly shooting into my camera.

  • Masum

    After spending a month with this camera using Tokina 16-14mm xt lens, Just want to say a horrible camera over all. Firstly, had a lack of ergonomics even though it is made smaller than other dslrs. Not only that a plasticy feel of body does give an impression of handling a dslr and also iso, wb knobs are hard to be used at the time of capturing instantaneous moments. Even if I ignore those issues, a major flaw that compelled me returned it is presence of flare!!! what annoying is this! After investing a good amount of money for thus body, lenses and accessories, no one wants get a shot with flare. What if a wedding shooter finds big flare on either bride or grooms face. Finally, i just want to say
    think twice before purchasing this camera.

  • dandeemann

    I assigned the movie record button to ISO so changing that is quick and easy. I shoot RAW and just leave wb set to auto because it is so easy to fix in post. Nikon has acknowledged the flare issue and is fixing it for free. I haven’t seen the flare issue but will send mine in for repair simply for the resale value. I’ve had Nikons D300, D600, D800E and D810 in addition to my D750. I’m very sorry to hear that you are disappointed with your D750. I love mine.

  • Matthew Evans

    I have a camera that has excellent feature and enables video to be captured on either MPEG-4 or AVCHD, and the LCD screen on the back is a decent size so it is easy to determine the eventual result.Got from:

  • Matthew Evans

    I can’t thank enough Sony HX400V/B for having such Optical SteadyShot feature that minimize blur. Good also for long shot because of its Clear Image Zoom. See from:

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