Facebook Pixel Image Critique: What Do You Think?

Image Critique: What Do You Think?

I’ve come across the following image numerous times on Flickr and every time I do it captures my attention – so I thought I’d share it today.


Taken by Patrick/adwriter it was taken on the set of a TV commercial of a married couple. While taken as part as an actual shoot I think the image conveys a lot of emotion and captures a moment in time really well.

The angle of the bodies and the creases in clothing draw the eye into the image and while the hammock lines above the subjects faces converge away from them I find the expressions on their faces are strong enough to hold me there.

The image is also a reasonable example of a Rule of Thirds image that works (perhaps not quite on the exact third lines – but there about).

Depth of Field also enhances this image for me with both the foreground and background somewhat out of focus – leaving the faces of subjects the clear focal point for the shot. The pink flower in the background above the couple is a slight distraction but again the image really is all about the moment captured and expressions on the subjects.

What do you think?

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