Facebook Pixel If You Had to Simplify Your Camera Kit… [DISCUSS]

If You Had to Simplify Your Camera Kit… [DISCUSS]

If you had to really strip your camera gear back to the very basics what would you do?

Whats in my camera bag 52/365

This question comes after a chat with a friend yesterday who admitted that he now had 3 DSLRs and 14 lenses for them… in addition to several compact cameras and a four thirds camera body with 4 lenses.

I asked him what he’d do if he had to give it all up except for one camera body and one lens and he almost started to hyperventilate but it led to a fascinating conversation about the merits of different gear.

I know not everyone has that level of gear at their disposal but I know many of our readers have acculated quite a bit of gear…. so what would you do if you had to simplify or strip it back to the basics.

Lets say you can only have one camera body and one lens – which ones would you keep?

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Darren Rowse

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