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How Would You Approach Photographing a Model?

Image: Image by Paul Cox

Image by Paul Cox

This question arrived in our inbox from a regular reader – Sammy – and I thought it might make an interesting community workshop where you, the readers of dPS, have a go at giving some good tips on how to approach the situation of working with a model for the first time.

Dear dPS. I have long wanted to work in a studio environment with a professional model to test my portrait skills (my kids are completely sick of me posing them). So this week I booked a professional model to come and sit for me. When I booked her I was full of bravado – but now as the day approaches I’m completely losing it and am so nervous.

I’ve been up front with her that this is my first time but don’t want to come off as a complete idiot – do you have any suggestions for working with a model for the first time? Perhaps some tips on how to make them at ease, posing tips and anything that won’t make me come across as a complete hack – or worse, a sleaze who is so desperate that he’ll pay for the company of a pretty girl (I promise I’m not)! Help!?!

What advice do you have for Sammy with photographing a model for the first time?

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Darren Rowse

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