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How to Subscribe to DPS – A Community Service Announcement

This is just a quick note to remind readers that we offer a variety of ways to subscribe to and keep in touch with Digital Photography School (DPS). Many of you are new to the site so I wanted to take a moment to give those of you who have just joined us a short rundown on the options to keep up with the latest posts and forum discussions.

The Two Areas of DPS

Let me start by pointing out that we have two areas of DPS”

1. For starters there’s our Blog (which you are currently reading) – our blog is updated daily with photography tips, reviews of products and discussion questions.

2. Then there is our Forum – our forum is where thousands of photography buffs (and beginners) go to share photos, ask for critique of their work, share ideas and tips and have fun around the topic of photography.

Blog Subscription Options

We offer three subscription options on the DPS blog:

1. Firstly there’s a daily email update (you get a daily email with the heading and a short excerpt from each new post on the blog).

2. Secondly there’s a weekly newsletter (currently subscribed to by around 20,000 readers) where you get a summary of what’s been happening on the blog and forums each Thursday or Friday.

3. Lastly there’s our RSS feed (currently subscribed to by over 40,000 readers) which is a way to read blogs in a news aggregator or a service like iGoogle.

You can learn more about each of these methods on our subscription page.

Forum Membership

Lastly – I wanted to note that membership of our forum is separate to signing up for our newsletters. A number of readers have been confused by this lately. If you want to be a forum participants just head to the forum’s registration page – read the forum rules and follow the instructions.

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Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse

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