How to Shoot Images and Use Merge to HDR in Lightroom 6

How to Shoot Images and Use Merge to HDR in Lightroom 6


Master teacher Phil Steele brings us a video on how to shoot bracketed images and merge them into and HDR image using the new Merge to HDR function in Lightroom 6 (or CC).

HDR is something that gets a bit of a bad rap and people seem to either love it or hate it. It’s one of those extreme things like opera and sushi. But the new Merge to HDR feature, inside Lightroom, makes it easy to try it and make realistic looking images in a snap – without the need for any other software or plugins.

Let’s have a look at Phil’s HDR shooting and LR processing tips:

If you enjoyed that and want to learn more about Lightroom you can check out Phil’s Lightroom course here.

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