Facebook Pixel How safe is your data? (Make it safe! Win an ioSafe!)

How safe is your data? (Make it safe! Win an ioSafe!)

PLEASE NOTE : This give-away is now closed, we have randomly chosen MIMI BOND as the winner! Thank you all for participating! Hope you had fun! We will have more like this coming up soon!


We recently had the good folk over at ioSafe send one of “very careful” reviewer type persons a hard drive called the ioSafe Rugged Portable.

ioSafe Rugged Portable 500 GB USB 3.0 External Hard Drive

Let me give you some real world stats on the little beast before we get to the main event… (and don’t forget, WIN one via the bottom of this post!)

  • Crush resistant to 5000lbs
  • Happy underwater (10′) for a day or two
  • Drop proof to 20′
  • USB 2 / 3 and FW800
  • Includes one-time data recovery up to $5000
  • Is dead sexy, for a hard drive!

So, our velvet gloved reviewer, Paul, thought that he’d pop together a little video – Paul had to courier the drive to a client (that looks strangely like..well.. Paul) and this is what happened!

As well as *The Courier* having dished out a veritable hiding to the little ioSafe Rugged Portable, I’ve had one on the test bench for four weeks – I’ve run up a spare second Lightroom catalogue with a whole set of images, as well as my iTunes library (all 229.09 GB or 119.1 days worth of music which is 38,880 tracks if you’re interested!) – It’s been running non-stop (aside from four reboots, I think) for four weeks, which when compared with enterprise stuff is yeah, no big deal, but it’s not skipped a beat, it’s quiet, it doesn’t heat up like a couple of my other drives and it is quick (I’m using FW800) …oh, and it’s so sexy it makes me desk look better – I guess you could say, I like this drive… a lot…

Win One? I hear you ask…

In the comments below, I want you to tell me how YOU would test the ioSafe Rugged Portable, and then (it’s not part of the way you can win, but..) go and say hello from dPS to the people at ioSafe via their Facebook page!  (If you type something like hello from @Digital Photography School …it should tag dPS too, and of course we’d love that) – A week from this post going live, I will choose a winner at random from the comments below and they can choose a 500GB, FW800 or USB 2 / 3 ioSafe Rugged Portable of their own! Competition open to anyone, anywhere! (where permitted by law)

ioSafe, you rock! 

This review video was created by the hilarious Paul D Smart – you can find out more about Paul on his website 

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