How much do you process your images? - a dPS POLL

How much do you process your images? – a dPS POLL


This week on dPS it’s all about things that are debatable and open for discussion. One thing that’s always a hot item is post-processing. Do you do it or not? If so how much? If you want to get in on that discussion head over to:  To Process or Not To Process? Let’s Discuss

How much do youprocess your images_

Then fill in this poll and tell us – how much do you process? Are you a minimalist or do you take your time and make art with each image?

How much time do you spend post-processing each of your images on average?

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Editor’s Note: This is one of a series of articles this week that are Open for Discussion. We want to get the conversation going, hear your voice and opinions, and talk about some possibly controversial topics in photography.

Give us your thoughts below, and watch for more discussion topics each day this week.

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