Facebook Pixel How Many Digital Cameras Have You Owned? [POLL]

How Many Digital Cameras Have You Owned? [POLL]

ZA10AThis morning I opened up the cupboard in my study where I keep my camera gear and my eye was drawn to the very first digital camera that I owned – a little Canon Powershot A10 camera (pictured right) with what I thought at the time was an amazingly big 1.3 megapixel sensor. Before that I’d used a friends Sony Movica camera that had a 1.4 inch floppy disk to record the images).

It made me think about how digital cameras have changed over the years and how many different digital cameras of different types I’ve owned.

I have 13 cameras in that cupboard today (I have a feeling I owned another couple which may be in the hands of family or friends) plus have used numerous camera phones.

I thought it might make an interesting poll question. How many digital cameras have you owned? Keep your response to just the cameras (not camera phones) if you can.

How Many Digital Cameras Have You Owned?

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I’d also love to hear in the comments:

  1. what was your first digital camera?
  2. what has been your favorite digital camera?

For me the first was my Canon A10 but I think my favorites would have to have been my Canon EOS 20D (my first DSLR which was when I really started to get intrigued by digital) and my Leica M9-P which helped me slow down and begin to enjoy my photography again after a period of getting a little disillusioned by it.

What about you?

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Darren Rowse
Darren Rowse

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