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How Do You Choose What To Photograph While Traveling?

How Do You Choose What To Photograph While Traveling?So far I’ve posted 16 out of 21 subjects I’ll be covering in the Travel Photography Subjects series. It’s about this time that I realize I have a clear cut idea of what I like to shoot while on the road, be it work or holiday, but I’m curious about the rest of you. How do you choose what you wish to photograph while on the road?

Do you look primarily for the same thing over and over? Are there certain subjects, or themes, the pique your interests no matter which country you are visiting? Do you actively seek out subjects of interest? Or are you more of the type to flow with the wind?

My answer to all those questions would be “Yes”. I often look for the same subject matter, as evident by my recent posts on travel subjects. But I love letting the feel of a country or location pull me away from that list. It is by no means exhaustive and as a guide it works well, reminding me of themes I am developing for presentations back home. I find great interest in finding a new pattern repeated in a new location and will often add it to the list. For instance, I decided to start a theme of looking for old milk cans after seeing them in a few far flung places (New South Wales, Australia, Washington state, Oregon). Things like that crop up when you’re least expecting them.

Your turn. What motivates your decisions on what to shoot and what not to shoot while traveling?

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Peter West Carey
Peter West Carey

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