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Helping Your Client Prepare for Their Shoot – Dress to Match the Sofa?

gracerose2Yes, you heard right! When choosing clothing for your family photos, dress to match the sofa! Urge your clients to think about the end result they’re aiming for by having photos taken by a professional. Is it to have a large canvas over the fireplace? A series of small canvases leading up the stairs? Prints which will be framed in black?

They will get maximum ‘punch’ from their new artwork if it looks like it really fits in the space they have placed it. If they have a shabby chic style in the lounge, putting the children in red probably wouldn’t look so great over the fireplace. Whether the style is contemporary, classic, victorian or has an island getaway feel, your clients should consider it when choosing the wardrobe to be used in their shoot.

The goal is to create beautiful art, where their family is the centerpiece, which will really fit in their home.

sophia2I have a very clever client coming in next month in time for Christmas. She wants a portrait of all the families and their kids together which can go in the grandparents’ home. Trick is, they have refused to put photos up in their home thus far and she wants to create something cheeky which they can’t refuse so she’s having everyone dress in gaudy florals to match the sofa and secretly swipe the huge plastic flowers which they have in vases in the living room and have everyone hold them. I love it! They will totally blend in and I think the results are going to be so fun.

So when consulting your client on their choices to prepare for their shoot, encourage them to be thoughtful about where they would like their images displayed in their home (or in some cases, Grandma’s) and dress to match the sofa!

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Elizabeth Halford

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