Facebook Pixel HDR Photography - What Do You Think About It?

HDR Photography – What Do You Think About It?

What do you think of HDR Images?

Over in our forums we have many thousands of reader submitted images in our Critique sections (as well as others) but one type of image that has really grown in popularity over the last year has been the HDR image (HDR = High Dynamic Range). I’ve posted a few below for those of you who don’t know what HDR images are.

There are numerous discussion on HOW to make HDR images in our forums but one recurring discussion that I’m seeing around the web is over whether it’s a form of photography that people like. Some people love the effect and others hate it. Some say it’s not ‘pure’ photography others ask what pure photography really is? Some call it ‘fake’ and others see it as a thing of beauty.

I thought it’d make an interesting discussion. Do you like HDR images? What do you like or dislike about them?

Here are five more HDR images to inspire some discussion.

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Darren Rowse

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