Happy Trails - 19 Adventuresome Images of Hiking

Happy Trails – 19 Adventuresome Images of Hiking

Summer is here in the northern hemisphere and a great activity that many participate in is hitting the hiking trails. It goes hand in hand with photography as hiking takes you to little-seen places and gorgeous vistas like this:

By Jeff Krause

By Justin Jovellanos

By Hernán Piñera

By citizen for boysenberry jam

By Nate Swart

By Ian D. Keating

By Douglas Scortegagna

By Deborah Lee Soltesz

By Ranch Seeker

By David Stanley

By Jeff Turner

By Marvin Chandra

By Adam Bautz

By will_cyclist

By Loren Kerns

By albedo20

By Patrick

By Tracie Hall

By veggiefrog

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