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Happy New Year 2014 from dPS

Another year has draw to a close and the clock has ticked over to 2014 on the Australian side of the world. We’d like to wish you a very Happy New Year from all of us at dPS!

Image: By David Yu

By David Yu

If 2013 was kind to you, may you have more of the same.  If it wasn’t your best year ever, don’t look back, just close the door and leap into 2014 ready to tackle it head on. We’ll have more great photography articles, tutorials and reviews for you coming up and we will resume our regular schedule of two articles a day on the 3rd (in two days).

So have a great New Year wherever you are, whatever you decide to do. Me, I’ll be at a fondue with friends tonight (31st in Canada) and tomorrow will help serve 1000 homeless and low income families a hot lunch. I do it every year because it’s puts it all in perspective for me, makes me grateful, and allows me to give back.

In the comments below, share with us at dPS:

  • how will you ring in the New Year (or did you if you’re in Australia or that side of the world)?
  • what will you do to kick off 2014?
  • what part of the world do you live in, and what’s the celebration like there?  Are there fireworks? Parties? Or does it just slip by quietly?

Whatever you do, make it a happy one and we’ll see you in 2014!


Image: By Sergiu Bacioiu

By Sergiu Bacioiu

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