A Guide to Landscape Photography Workflow and Post-Processing


NewImageToday is an exciting day at dPS HQ because we’re releasing an eBook that has been asked for many times by readers – LOVING Landscapes, a Guide to Landscape Photography Workflow and Post-Processing by Todd and Sarah Sisson.

Early in 2013 we looked at our growing library of photography eBooks and realised that we had a big hole to fill – we were yet to publish a Landscape Photography eBook.

We began the hunt for a photographer to create a guide.

After much searching we came across the photography of husband and wife team Todd and Sarah Sisson and fell in love with their images. We began to talk to Todd about creating an eBook with us and mid last year released a guide to Landscape photography called LIVING Landscapes.

The eBook was a huge success and became one of our fastest selling eBooks ever.

That first eBook from Todd and Sarah received some amazing reviews and we still get positive feedback about it almost a year later. But alongside the praise was a request – a request for a guide to post processing landscape photos.

While the first eBook touches on some post production techniques it was not the place for comprehensive teaching on the topic – so… we began to talk with Todd and Sarah about a followup eBook that explored the topics of Workflow and Post Processing.

What they produced in LOVING Landscapes is pretty amazing. Inside you’ll find over 200 pages of practical information that leads you through 12 chapters of advice to help you bring the images that you take to life with a little post processing love.

Here’s the table of contents which will give you a feel for what’s covered.


What I LOVE about this eBook is that it is packed with heaps of actionable information that you can apply immediately to the photos you’ve already taken.

Alongside that information are inspirational examples of the techniques in practice.

You’ll come away not only inspired but informed and ready to apply what you’ve learned.


An Ideal Companion Bundle or a Great Standalone Guide

With the launch of Loving Landscapes we now feel like we’ve got a great complete guide to both ‘taking’ and ‘processing’ beautiful landscapes.

These eBooks are designed to be useful separately if you’re just interested in one of those topics – but together they also make an incredibly comprehensive guide through the whole topic of creating beautiful landscape images.

Grab Your Copy Today and Save 33%

Our Loving Landscapes eBook will retail for $29.99 but as a limited time Early Bird Special you can pick up a copy today for just $19.99 USD (33% off).

If you want to pick up both Living Landscapes and Loving Landscapes eBooks together you can bundle them together today for the special price of just $39.99 (normally $59.99 so today it’s also 33% off).

Want more information about this eBook? Get the full lowdown here.

UPDATE: Order now and go into the draw to win a $1,500 prize

To celebrate the launch of this new eBook, we’re putting a $1,500 prize up for grabs. One lucky owner of Loving Landscapes will win $1,500 to spend on either some new post-processing software (Lightroom / Photoshop) or some new camera gear.

Entries close midnight on the 9th of May EST, so make sure you have your copy ordered before then.

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Darren Rowse is the editor and founder of Digital Photography School and SnapnDeals. He lives in Melbourne Australia and is also the editor of the ProBlogger Blog Tips. Follow him on Instagram, on Twitter at @digitalPS or on Google+.

  • Belinda Robinson

    Thanks for this ebook. I downloaded it at 11pm last night moments after getting your email and was up until 3am reading it and practicing the techniques inside using Lightroom.

    While it was a later night than expected I was amazed at the results on some of my old landscape shots that I’d not paid enough post processing attention to.

    I’m also picking up the previous eBook today as I feel completely inspired to get out and do some more landscape photography!

  • Phil Carter

    Would love to buy this. However I use Aperture and from the Table of Contents it looks to cover Lightroom only.By the way I loved “Living Landscapes”

  • thanks for the feedback Phil.

  • thanks for letting us know Belinda – that’s a great mini-review. Can’t wait to see some of your images!

  • Michael Owens

    I would love this in actual BOOK form! I knwo the digital revolution is here, and paper is a dying breed, but I would love to have this in my hands! (and no, I can’t afford to print it haha!)

    Looks like a fantastic book though!

  • Hi Phil. Fair point – it almost killed us writing a Lightroom only version – adding in Aperture would have been the end of us 🙂 However, with the exception of importing and Library module-centric topics, the creative techniques are very ‘principle-led’ i.e. how to use exposure, tone and colour to best effect. I am sure that most of the creative content will be easily melded into an Aperture workflow. There is also plenty of gold in the Photoshop section! I’m sure the dPS guarantee would apply if it was no use to you – I’ll personally refund it if not.

    Cheers – Todd

  • thanks Michael – unfortunately when we’ve priced printing our books as a self publisher we’d need to sell them for 2-3 times what we sell them for as eBooks just to break even. Maybe one day though!

  • Felix

    Darren, I understand … I’d love it in actual book form too, but I’ll probably get it anyway since I loved “Living Landscapes”. Just so you know that the interest for analog books is definitely still there 😉

  • Wendy Parker

    Hi Darren,
    I joined dps a long time ago and love your weekly news, however just a small annoyance with the pricing of your ebooks – they are always priced in USD and I don’t know until I go to buy the book exactly how much I am up for. Is there a reason for the price only being in USD?
    Keep up the good work.

  • Hi Felix – great question. While dPS is based in Australia the vast majority of our readers are in the US – which is why we price them in that way. I’m sorry for the inconvenience though – as an Aussie I know that frustration and am often converting prices of things I buy online in my head. I’ll pass this onto our team to see if there is any way of displaying prices in local currencies in future.

  • Wendy, the rate does vary and as a Canadian I deal with the same issue. However I just sort of make mental note that right now the dollars are almost on par so there is marginal difference, like less than 5%? Don’t know if that helps or not.

  • Michael Owens

    As with Felix, I no doubt will be forced (due to my fear of missing out on a good read, and invaluable insight) to get it as an ebook, and read it on my tiny iPhone 5! :p

  • Colin Hobson

    Darren, trying to buy the book but checkout keeps asking for a discount code and cannot get anyway – what I am I doing wrong? HELP

  • no need for a discount code Colin – we apply the discount automatically for everyone.

  • Sam King

    This Loving Landscapes ebook has been the most useful thing I’ve bought from dps (and I own all your ebooks and love them all).

    I bought it 10 days ago and can already see a real improvement in my processing skills using Lightroom. My friends are noticing too, I’ve never had such a positive reaction to the images I share on Facebook, I’ve even had one friend offer to buy one of my newly processed shots!

    Thanks to Todd and Sarah for sharing what they know and giving me a gift that I’ll use for years to come.

  • thanks Sam – so glad to hear that it’s been helpful for you!

  • Thanks so much Sam – this book took a lot of effort by all involved and it is fantastic to hear that so many people, yourself included, are getting transformative results from it! Cheers – Todd & (Sarah)

  • Mukhtar Ukhwah

    does this book have tips on how to capture the photo? such as shutter speed aperture ISO etc. Thank You

  • Jon Murphy

    I only have Photoshop elements 12, will this still be useful to me or do I absolutely need lightroom?

  • Guest

    I bought the book over a month ago..Rec No. 1058 1458 1372 9409..but have not received it…I have sent 2 emails to support and have had no reply..this is my last option…..please help as I really would like it..:) Pat Morgan

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