Go Take A Photo Of An Airliner Landing

Go Take A Photo Of An Airliner Landing

There is something really cool about watching a hunk of metal defy Mother Nature and fly through the air at the most dangerous point of the flight, low, right over your head, and then land on a hard piece of asphalt, all while contributing to your long term hearing loss.

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by matt.hintsa

This photography is fun and fast. The busier the airport, the better your chance of getting a good shot. Just pick a location with a view of the approach end of the runway (important detail) where you want to get the ideal angle of the airplane. Hey, you may even get a few good shots of an airliner taking off too.

Here are 15 examples to help show you where you may find a good angle to photograph airliners landing at your favorite airport. Another great site that is a host to a lot of great photographs of airplanes is airliners.net.

Swiss Air Lines A330-200 by caribb

Synchronicity by caribb

MD-80 by a Nose by caribb

Image by Joshua Davis Photography

perfect landing by atomicshark

Don't Go in the Water by matt.hintsa

American 757 by egm757lover

White on White by caribb

Plane Lands - You Can Almost Kiss It by bfraz

clash of the titans by picfix

Power Surge by caribb

Let the Moon Shine on Me by caribb

Image by daiji

747 x 2 by Ack Ook

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