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Giotto’s Vitruvian tripod, true genius

Now, whilst I’ve not tried one of these new Giotto’s Vitruvian tripods, they certainly look quite good – what’s your opinion?

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Giotto's tripod folded

Giotto's tripod folded

Giotto Vitruvian tripod – PRESS RELEASE

Inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, the new Giotto’s Vitruvian VGR  tripods are designed to offer photographers not only a truly lightweight and compact tripod, but a fully functioning monopod and ball head too.

The Vitruvian tripods have been designed with “reverse technology” legs so that when collapsed they fold through 180 degrees to “surround” the tripod centre column and head  – folding down into a unit that measures only 40cm long.

There are two VGR models available, both with a maximum operating height of 157cm and a weight capacity of up to 4kg. The VGR9255 is manufactured using aluminium tubing and weighs 1.5kg while the VGR 8255 uses 6 layer carbon tubing and weighs just 1.28kg.

The tripod castings are made from a forged aluminium alloy for strength and the quick action twist leg locks require only 1/8 turn to lock and unlock – making it quick and easy to set the tripod up. VGR tripods are fitted with a compact ball + socket head that offers smooth and precise movement, incorporates independent pan control and has a quick release system.

Giotto's VGR tripod and head

Giotto's VGR tripod and head

You can also unscrew the tripod leg, remove the centre column and head then join them together to produce a full size monopod with a maximum operating height of 162cm. The Vitruvian comes with its very own carry bag and has a 5 year warranty, snazzy huh!

I will try to get hold of a sample and give it a good solid going over…


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