Facebook Pixel Gear review: 3 K&F Concept Camera Bags Put To The Test

Gear review: 3 K&F Concept Camera Bags Put To The Test


In this gear review, I have tested out 3 different types of K&F Concept camera bags so you can see their differences and whether they would suit your needs.

Regardless of which camera you have or whether you are a professional or amateur, a good camera bag is one of the essential purchases that you need to make. After all, it is what will carry your expensive equipment around and keep it safe and dry.

However, it is also essential that your camera bag is comfortable to wear. There’s nothing worse than carrying all that weight on your back for hours on end and being uncomfortable.

Over time as you buy more camera equipment, your camera bag will need to change. Or you may need different types of bags for different scenarios. But what should you buy first? With so many different types of bags out there, the choice is endless.


The three K&F Concept camera bags

1. Travel Sling Bag

The first of the three K&F Concept camera bags is the K&F camera sling backpack. This pack is the perfect unassuming, easy-to-carry backpack for those who don’t own a lot of camera equipment.

The sling bag easily and securely holds a DSLR and two lenses in a padded and removable inner bag.

One of the great things about this sling bag is you can remove the inner bag to use the bag as a normal backpack. Or you can remove the bag whilst shooting to have quick and easy access to your lenses. That way, you don’t have to open and close the bag constantly.

The sling bag has enough additional space to hold a 13” laptop and any other little bits you may have, such as memory cards, lenses cleaners, and phone as well as a water bottle holder on the side.

Measuring at just 41 x 27 x 13cm, the bag is small and compact enough to have on your back in those busy situations like events and festivals where a big bag would be cumbersome. It is also made of waterproof and anti-wrinkle nylon with double stitching for added durability and shock/vibration absorbing inner padding. So this lightweight bag (just 0.8kg net weight) will keep your expensive equipment safe whatever you get up to.

Who’s this for?

This bag is ideal for a photographer with only a small amount of kit who wants to travel light, but safe in the knowledge their equipment will be protected and secure.

At the time of writing, this bag is priced at $39.99, making it an ideal bag for a first-time buyer who doesn’t want to spend a fortune on a camera bag. But it will also benefit those who may want an additional smaller bag to support their bigger day-to-day bag.


2. Fashion Outdoor Backpack

The first thing I noticed about this K&F fashion camera backpack is that it doesn’t look like a camera bag. This is great for two reasons; firstly, it looks great and is useful in those situations where you may want to look a little smarter in your appearance – for example, at a wedding. But more importantly, because it doesn’t draw attention to the fact that you have thousands of dollars of camera equipment on your back.

Split into two main areas, the bottom of the bag has 10mm padded dividers with enough space to hold a large DSLR and 3 lenses – easily accessible from the back and side – while the top section of the bag has sufficient room to hold personal items such as a 13” laptop.

The exterior of the backpack has a side-mounted tripod strap and enough storage to hold all your extra bits and pieces.

Another great thing about this pack is the side access that allows you to take out your camera equipment without having to take the bag off.

The exterior is scratch, tear and water-resistant, but you also get a rain/dust cover for more severe weather conditions. The breathable air-mesh back and shoulder straps make this bag incredibly comfortable to carry all day even when you have it fully loaded.

Who’s this for?

This bag is great for the photographer who has a few lenses and sometimes carries a tripod with them. However, it is also for someone who doesn’t want to shout out to the world that they have camera equipment with them. Anyone traveling in some parts of the world could benefit from a bag such as this.


3. Large DSLR Camera backpack

Number three of the K&F Concept camera bags is the K&F large DSLR backpack, which is the biggest bag in the range.

With sufficient room (25 liters) for two large DSLR bodies, five to six lenses, and flash, it will serve anyone from the serious hobbyist to professionals.

With enough pockets to hold your filters, batteries and memory cards and a back-mounted tripod holder, this pack has enough room for even those with lots of equipment. It can be opened fully from the back but also has easy access at the top of the bag for those times when you need more discreet and quick access to your camera.

The K&F Concept large DSLR backpack comes with a range of shock and vibration separators that, like the other bags, can be arranged perfectly to snuggly and safely fit all your gear. Made from quality splash and tear-resistant nylon with its unique stitching and tension technology, it ensures load-bearing areas won’t rip or become frayed.

One of the most important elements of a bag this size is that it has to be comfortable to wear for long periods. The back and straps of this bag are breathable and padded. When used with the chest and hip straps, it can help reduce the weight on your shoulders. This pack also comes with the rain/dust cover as well.

Who’s this for?

Whilst clearly designed with professionals in mind, this backpack would also make a great bag for any level photographer. It gives you plenty of room for when you expand your equipment.



I have never been one to promote buying lots of equipment or accessories; however, camera bags are a vital part of my set up. I have a few different sized bags for various scenarios. Because sometimes it’s not feasible to carry a big backpack with me.

These 3 K&F Concept camera bags are a good example of a set that would serve a photographer well throughout their photography journey. The great thing is that you’ll probably end up re-using your bags for years to come.

Note: The author was given these K&F Concept camera bags free of charge to test and was offered no incentives. This review is an unbiased opinion of his experience in using the products provided.

What is your favorite camera bag/pack? Have you tried any of these packs? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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