Four Reasons to Display Photos of Your Children


As parents and photographers, we take thousands and thousands of photos of our children every year. Looking at my Lightroom catalogue from last year, I have over 3000 photos of the kids, and that doesn’t include all the pictures I took with my phone camera!

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In our house, the camera is always out. I take pictures of them throughout the day, no matter what they’re doing. The kids know the camera is a part of our lives, and they don’t act differently when they see me taking pictures of them, as some adults would.

I’m a big believer that photos are too precious to live on computers. Hard drives fail and images can get lost so your best insurance is having the tangible photo right in front of you. Twice a year I go through thousands of our photos to print a few for display, I recommend you do this also.

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In our house, we use photos as home decor. We have a couple large collections of photos throughout the house, smaller prints displayed everywhere, as well as photobooks alongside the framed photos.

These photos really are a gift because it helps us remember how much we are loved, and it reminds us how blessed we are to have each other. There are times when I have had a bad day and seeing a photo of us laughing and hugging each other reset my mind and helped me remember what is most important.

Aside from these reasons, here are four other reasons why you as parents (or grandparents) should display photos of your kids.


It is amazing to see what a boost of confidence and self-esteem comes to the child whose parents display a lot of photographs of them around the home. Your children understand that you have taken the time to hang, frame, and display their photos, and it makes them understand that you value them, find them to be beautiful, and want to see them each day.

Amy lee 1


In the hectic pace of modern family life we can forget what kids looked like only a year earlier. Images not only give us a glimpse into the past, but they can also bring us back to the moment in an instant. Remember how proud you felt when your child was a newborn and how perfectly they fit in your arms? Photos bring you back to those feelings when the photos were made.


How often do you scroll through your phone’s photo roll or look at the folders full of images on your hard drive? Hard drives could fail and images could be forever lost. Why lose out on the opportunity to put all of those smiling faces on your walls? You have a museum full of gorgeous artwork just waiting to be printed.


When you print out and display these images in your home it opens a dialogue and creates a habit of sharing memories. Kids may not look at certain photos for a long time, and then suddenly lean in and remember something important. When some of these photos were taken during the best moments of your lives, it is worth reliving and remembering.

I could go on with the list, but these are the reasons I continually hang new photos on the walls and update my displays. Do you have others? Do you display your photos in your home?

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Editor’s challenge: this is something I feel strongly about as well, so I challenge you. If you have not got any printed photos of your own family around your house – do it now. Go select a few, order the prints, and get them framed. Or make a photo book. Or both! Involve your kids in helping select the images, make it a family project. Then take a photo of your newly hanging family artwork and share it with us here in the comments.

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Amy Lee is a blogger at The Connection We Share where she and other professional photographers shares photo tips to help parents take better photos of their kids. Aside from create wall galleries with photos, Amy is an avid photo book maker since her wall space is becoming limited. You could see some of her meaningful photo books as well as her Blurb photo book review here.

  • dantefrizzoli

    I’ve seen some great collages of other people’s kids and they get crazy. Thank you the sharing.

  • keepntch

    I would add as someone who is going through old family photos from several past generations, write dates and names at the minimum on the back of the photo. At the most you could write stories about who, what and when with groups of photos. I am struggling to get these photos sorted before the last of the older generations are gone and really wish I knew more.

  • Sorry to hear part of your story is lost @keepntch:disqus. I agree writing dates and names are super helpful for later down the road.

  • Do you mean the collages get crazy like there’s too many images being used @dantefrizzoli:disqus? With the collages we have, I do feel a certain responsibility to update and rotate the artwork.

  • Choo Chiaw Ting

    Excellent articles and photos… my only boy is now 4 year old.. and very unfortunately i don’t have his newborn photos… a great regret. I only realize the importance of camera 3 years ago.. ;|. Will definitely follow your advice to have some prints twice per year.. 😉

  • Amie

    Where do you buy that board with strings across it? I’m sure it’s DIY-able, but I’m not very DIY-ish.

  • Caroline

    I would like to add that it is not just memories for you but memory prompts for your kids. As someone who didn’t have albums of my childhood, I can only remember very few events of an entire 15 year period. Having photos on display and available to look at will help your children to remember and cherish all the great times, even when they are older and have kids of their own.

  • I agree Caroline! A lot of my childhood memories are from pictures! Sometimes I don’t know whether I remember something because I actually remember the event, or remember it because I have a picture of the event.

  • Hi Amie! The board is REALLY easy to make! I wrapped some fabric around styrofoam and used a staple gun to secure the fabric. Then I ran some string across the board in a criss cross pattern and staple the ends to the back.

  • Sorry to hear you don’t have any newborn photos of your son @choochiawting:disqus. The good thing is he’ll now have lots of pictures of him as he grows up =)

  • Phoebe

    I agree with everything you said, but I do have a question: What do you do with all of the old photos when you update your displays? Some can fit in albums, I guess, but there are only so many hallways to move them to or relatives to give them to, so what about the larger pieces?

  • AZ1313

    I organize my pictures in a unique way that makes it easy to find pictures I’m looking for, out of the hundreds I take each year. I arrange by year, then by month, then subject. (my subjects range from pets/kids with pets, a folder for each of my kids, a folder for siblings together, Flagstaff vacation, The zoo etc.) And from there I break it down further… Like in the Christmas Preparations folder, I will have decorations, picking out a tree, decorating the tree, wrapping presents etc. Vacations are labeled with where we went in the main folder in the month folder. Then will have subfolders for each day: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 etc. And then more subfolders in there: Day 1 folder: Driving, stopping for lunch, Arrival at cabin, exploring, dinner, bedtime. Day 2: Waking up, Bearizona, Driving home from Bearizona etc. Then sub folders under that. The big thing is remembering the year, from there it is just finding the folder. Doesn’t take me long at all. For each year I will also have a favorites folder for extra pics I love….I make a copy of the pic then place in the folder. Sounds confusing reading how I do it, but after doing it for so long it is super easy!

  • Babs Wright

    I scanned all my photos … old and new … onto the computer. I have them stored on 2 external drives and have a computer with a good sized monitor where they play all day like a digital frame. Magic. I also agree mark date and name on ALL your shots.

  • Thanks for this post Amy! It’s funny really how we filter what we show… The photography I display on the internet is about landscapes wheras the majority of photos I am taking at the moment is of my baby girl! No matter what your interests are, family is important and I have realised that time goes by too quickly. Also, I like to think that one day I will take my daughter with me and teach her about the beauty of nature.

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