Facebook Pixel Flashop Studio Lets You Easily Deliver Photos to Customers

Flashop Studio Lets You Easily Deliver Photos to Customers

Easily deliver photos with Flashop Studio

Over the last year, our company, AM Studios, has been developing a simple, quick way to deliver digital images – so that photographers and businesses can save time and resources when working with customers.

Introducing Flashop Studio, a hassle-free method of image delivery. It has produced astonishing results for our photography program, and it’s also increased our sales average, customer satisfaction rating, and profit margins. (In other words, photographers love Flashop Studio!)

Creating the perfect image-delivery system is a science. And here at Flashop, we want to support anyone looking to improve delivery efficiency. We are here to help; our goal is to serve communities so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of simple digital delivery.

How can you get started with Flashop Studio? The basic platform is available as a Microsoft app, which you can access here:

Get Flashop Studio (Microsoft Store)

Then simply upload your images, enter the recipient’s phone number, and hit “Send.” Your customer will receive a text with access to a downloadable Zip file; they can also grab the Android or iOS app for easy sharing, image download to their phone gallery, or ordering professional prints.

So check out Flashop Studio. We offer a free trial, so you can send a few images to yourself or friends and see what you think. I don’t know how much simpler we can make the process, though we’ll keep improving it for all of us!

Flashop Studio – Digital Photography Delivery

Thank you,

The Flashop Team

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Flashop Studio
Flashop Studio

Flashop Studio is an innovative image-delivery app produced by AM Studios. Quickly send images to your customers with a few easy clicks!

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