Facebook Pixel Facebook Announces Secure Transfer of Photos/Videos from Facebook to Google Photos

Facebook Announces Secure Transfer of Photos/Videos from Facebook to Google Photos

Google Photos

If you need a way to quickly move all your media from Facebook to Google Photos, then you’re in luck.

As of this past Thursday, you can transfer photos and videos from Facebook straight over to Google Photos.

For those who are unfamiliar:

Google Photos is the default photo application on Android devices, but it’s also available for Apple users. It’s a great way to store photos of all types, including smartphone shots, personal snaps, portfolio images, and more.

In fact, the app features essentially unlimited storage capacity (though there are caps on file sizes). Since Google Photos uses cloud storage, you can view stored images from all of your devices, as well as on the web (at photos.google.com).

As for the Facebook integration:

In just a few clicks, you’ll be able to take photos you’ve uploaded to Facebook and copy them on over to Google Photos.

Why is this so useful?

For one, Google Photos packs an excellent search function. So you’ll be able to navigate through your photos more quickly on Google Photos versus Facebook.

Google Photos also includes advanced photo organization capabilities that Facebook lacks, so you can carefully catalog and curate thousands of images with ease.

Now, if you’re interested in using this transfer function, just follow a few simple steps.

(Note that the process is slightly different on desktop versus mobile, but the general path is the same.)

First, head over to your Facebook “Settings.”

tap settings

On mobile, scroll down until you find “Transfer a Copy of Your Photos or Videos,” and select this option. On a desktop, you’ll need to click on “Your Facebook Information.”

your facebook information

Then select “Transfer a Copy of Your Photos or Videos.”

select transfer a copy of your photos or videos

Facebook will prompt you to enter your password. Then you’ll be asked to select a destination for your photos; right now, Google Photos is the only choice, but Facebook has indicated an interest in adding additional options in the future.

You’ll also need to indicate whether you want to transfer your photos or your videos. Note that you can always start with photos but come back and transfer videos later.

select your destination and what you want to transfer

Hit “Next.” You may be asked to enter your Google Photos password and, once done, you’ll need to confirm that you wish to transfer your media.

hit next

Finally, click “Confirm Transfer”, and you’re done!

select confirm transfer

So for anyone looking to add Facebook images to Google Photos, go ahead and try this function out!

But, as always, also read the fine print and see if there are any privacies or image rights you may be giving when integrating these options.

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