Everything You Need to Know About Tripods with Phil Steele

Everything You Need to Know About Tripods with Phil Steele


In this really helpful video Phil Steele covers everything you need to know about tripods including; how to choose the right one, how to use them, and special features you may not know about.

  • How to choose the right tripod
  • How to use a tripod properly
  • Special features you may not even know about

Here are some tripod articles and reviews for you to check out:

If you want to learn more from Phil check out some of his video courses covering topics like event photography, Lightroom, headshots and more on Steele Training.com.

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  • Joel

    Nice video! You made a simple subject fun and added some good tips.

  • Mohan Krishnan

    After 35 years of photography I thought a tripod course is too basic for me, but i saved the link to watch later. I am totally impressed with the way you took the basics so seriously and made me a better photographer. Thanks a lot.

  • Mari Torres

    Great video!! The most important tip was the best!! Hahaha!

  • Sarmin Ether

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  • Bill

    I’ve been into photography for over 50 years, and this video is one of the best teaching items I have ever seen. A smooth, relaxed overview that thinks of everything.

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