Enter to Win One of Three Lenses from Tamron!


Enter to win a Tamron 100-400mm Di VC USD (in winner’s choice of Canon or Nikon mount), a Tamron SP 35mm F/1.8 Di VC USD (choice of Canon, Nikon or Sony-A mount) or a Tamron SP 70-300mm Di VC USD (choice of Canon, Nikon or Sony-A mount)!

Over the last several years, here at dPS, we’ve run very some very popular competitions with our partners to give away some of their great photographic products to lucky dPS readers.

We are fortunate enough to be able to do it again this month. For this competition, Tamron is giving away THREE lenses.

Win one of three Tamron lenses

These three unique prizes are designed to help every level of photographer create BETTER pictures. Tamron is the world’s most awarded photographic lens line. Each prize will be won by a different dPS reader. Here’s what you could win:

Grand Prize

Our Grand Prize winner will receive a Tamron 100-400mm Di VC USD Ultra-Telephoto Zoom Lens.

100-400mm Di VC USD Ultra-Telephoto Zoom – Value $799. Winner’s choice of Canon, Nikon or Sony-A mount. No Substitutions.


Second Prize

The second prize winner will receive a Tamron SP 35mm F/1.8 Di VC USD with Hi-Resolution across a wide range of focusing distances.

Tamron SP 35mm F/1.8 Di VC USD – Value $599. Winner’s choice of Canon, Nikon or Sony-A mount. No substitutions.

Third Prize

The third prize winner will receive a Tamron SP 70-300mm Di VC USD with Hi-Resolution for fast focus.

Tamron SP 70-300mm Di VC USD – Value $449. Winner’s choice of Canon, Nikon or Sony-A mount. No substitutions.


Learn a little more about Tamron here:

How to win:

To win this competition you’ll need to:

  • Visit the above lenses’ information pages and learn more about the lenses and their core use.
  • Leave a comment below and tell us why you’d like to win and HOW you would you utilize your chosen lens. Please note: there is a limit of ONE entry per person.
  • Deadline to enter is January 30th, 2018 11:59 p.m. PST (UTC-8). Comments left after the deadline will not be considered. Do this in the next 21 days, and on February 8th, 2018, the team at Tamron will choose the best three answers and we will announce the winners in the following days.

By “best” – we’re looking for you to show an understanding of the lenses and how they will best suit your needs. So, you’ll need to check out the product pages to put yourself in the best position to win. There’s no need to write essay length comments – but we’re looking to hear what you like about the lens and how it would help your development as a photographer.

This contest is open to everyone, no matter where you live – but there is only one entry per person. To enter – simply leave your comment below.

Photo by Zvardon Frantisek

About Tamron

Disclaimer: Tamron is a paid partner of dPS.

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  • Anastasiya Vasilyeva

    Hello, world lovers! My name is Anastasiya and I am an amateur photographer who is crazy about two things – details and naturalness. That is why my dream #1 for today is the SP 70-300mm F/4 -5.6 Di VC USD.
    I started my long (hope so) photography way when was expecting my first baby. Today I am a mother of two and catching moments from kid’s life become my true passion. Zoom VC lens is a MUST for me now! Lots of moms keep asking me to photograph their treasure but the more I look at my portfolio the more I realize that my works can’t show all this joy, liveliness, naturalness, sparkles in the eyes that each kid is spreading around when nobody’s looking at him/her. The zoom lens will give me the opportunity to make awesome portraits with beautiful bokeh, take pictures of the world around without interfering in his life.
    I already have two fix lenses (35 mm and 85 mm) so now it could be great to have something to give my legs a short rest=) Thank you and good luck to everybody!!!

  • Rita Rigas

    Thank you for listening – I’ll try to be brief as you have much to read and consider.
    I am not a professional photographer, but I am blessed to capture images of this most awesome creation- from the most captivating landscape to the delicate details of a beautiful flower.
    Photography begins with “seeing” and the desire to capture, not just a special image, but to communicate a feeling or emotion and elicit a response from the viewer
    I saved for quite a while to invest in a full frame camera to improve the quality of my photography, and I am grateful to now have a Canon 6D to work with.
    It is the quality and clarity of the lense in combination with the artistic vision of the photographer that produces a beautiful image.
    I love the impact of images that separate the subject from the background as with the SP70-300. As we know, nature photography can be unpredictable at times, and this lens offers the benefit of capturing crisp images in low light with the added benefit of a silent drive which is very helpful when shooting nature.
    As much as I love photographing wide angle subjects, such as landscapes, the close focusing distance offered by the SP 35mm to capture those “macro” effect photos while enjoying the benefits of VC is an opportunity to look “inside” and capture small details often missed. This feature would be very useful when I am photographing flowers for my friends who operate a Native Plant Nursery.
    The features of your lenses seem to help compensate for some of the MS Symptoms that I experience as well.
    I depend on a fast and accurate autofocus, particularly for moving subjects, to help compensate for the blind spots in my vision and the enhanced VC and lightweight quality of your 100-400 A035 certainly would be a help for my balance and fatigue issues as I do a lot of spontaneous hand-held photography.
    The ease of using the tripod mount would also be a great benefit as I often struggle with my mount when using the tripod.
    Thank you again for listening and for your generous offer. I am grateful to have seen your promotion.

  • Jack Blass

    It would be great to win the 100-400mm lens or any of them. I retired not to long ago and just got into photography. I could never afford a good lens like this.I have a Nikon d750 and think a lens like like this would held me become a better photographer.


  • Crystal S

    I would love to win the Tamron 100-400mm Di VC USD Ultra Telephoto zoom lens for Nikon. I love to take photos of small birds like sparrows, warblers, finches and juncos and the 400mm zoom would be great. This is farther than any lens I currently have and on a crop sensor camera the reach would really help get detailed photos of small birds. Important features this lens has like fast auto focus and vibration compensation would both be great for taking hand held bird photos while out walking at the park.

  • GD Photography

    I would love to win the 100-400mm Di VC USD Ultra-Telephoto Zoom (Nikon). I have done wilderness photography for a long time but not much wildlife photography. I want to do a lot more of that and get a lot better at it, but where I live most animals are small and still look small with my 300mm lens. With a 400mm focal length, getting up-close photos would be much more feasible. I take pride in doing quality work, and a 400mm lens would make that all the more possible. The following is an image from one of the cases where I have been able to get close enough. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/62dd00b5a47252a013bdcb7c1442724a511284d470eb937fe49615920c73b4a0.jpg

  • Nancy Tyler

    Tamron and dPS, thank you for this opportunity.

    For years I clung to my fixed-lens camera and its auto setting because I struggled to understand and feel confident using manual settings. I knew the resulting photos weren’t the best. But it was safe. A camera with interchangeable lenses? I couldn’t do that.

    But eventually, I tiptoed out in faith, switched off the auto settings here and there, and as I started working my way through the dPS beginner courses and tips, my confidence grew.

    This past fall I took my old bridge camera on its last trip–a 2,800-mile train adventure around the West to usher in my 50th birthday. Over more than 65 hours on the rails and stops in Golden and Denver, Salt Lake City, Sacramento, Los Angeles, and Albuquerque, I finally got more comfortable with the manual settings. And I returned home resolving that 2018 would be The Year of the New Camera.

    There is so much disagreement among people in choosing a camera–brand, body, features. But reading user stories, industry testing, and buyer reviews, there doesn’t seem to be disagreement about which brand of lens to choose: Tamron. The quality, the technology–everybody recognizes it.

    And as I sit here reviewing the 1,900 images I brought back from my big rail adventure, I can see how these Tamron lenses would have created far better pictures.

    I love the idea of being able to quickly switch between autofocus and full-time manual. So many times, I’ve struggled to get an auto-focused shot of flowers jostled by a breeze. But these Tamron lenses will make it easy to build my skills and pull them into focus myself. Most of the time though, I know I’ll be relying on a lens’ quick autofocus, which will help with everything from urban street photography to capturing the backyards of tiny towns from a moving train. That 50th birthday trip? It was just the first of my long distance rail adventures.

    The vibration control technology in Tamron’s lenses will give me the confidence to shoot handheld, especially in low light situations where I’ve been challenged to clearly capture the bustling beauty of the fluorescent-lit Los Angeles flower market, the twinkling city lights from Griffith Observatory, and the wonderfully quirky indoor world of Tinkertown Museum in the Sandia Mountains above Albuquerque.

    And speaking of Albuquerque–looking at my photos from the city’s Balloon Fiesta, I’m seeing how many shots would have benefited from Tamron’s eBAND and BBAR technologies. They would have conquered the ghosting and flare I got shooting those inflating balloons rising before the backdrop of a sunrise.

    The moisture-resistance and fluorine coating on Tamron’s lenses also make them kind of “Nancyproof” since I tend to hop on the moment and out into the drizzle for a rainbow or onto the edge of the salt-misted surf to shoot freshly-washed-up shells or a pod of dolphins.

    The 100-400mm lens would be so light and easy to take along on train travel–especially through Colorado, drawing the detail of the Rockies’ far away snow peaks to within arm’s reach.

    The extreme high resolution, image stabilization, and silent autofocus of the SP-70-300mm would help me capture the bright eyes and dramatic feathers of the skittish warblers and woodpeckers that make their home in the Great Dismal Swamp, my favorite birding spot.

    And the close-up and wide-angle capabilities of Tamron’s SP-35mm lens create such versatility, and would allow me to shoot everything from an expansive view of an Ocracoke Island sunset to a study of the face of Lincoln at his memorial in my longtime home of Washington, DC.

    I would be grateful to receive any of these lenses as I transition to the next level of photography, and look ahead to the next 50 years–well beyond the next 2,800 miles of adventure. Thank you!

  • Mark

    My wife and I travel the world on mission trips. Whether we are photographing a soccer tournament in Phnom Pehn, Cambodia; or wildlife near Mount Mulanje in Malawi, Africa; or the Hill Tribes in Chiang Rai, Thailand; or young basketball players in Kochi, India, the Tamron 100-400mm provides the sharpness and fast, silent auto-focus that makes it the perfect lens for that “perfect shot”. The light weight of the 100-400mm is ideal for traveling the world; we won’t be worn out at the end of a long day of shooting. My wife and I travel in areas where dust and moisture could be a problem. The dust and moisture resistance of the 100-400mm protects the investment. We would put the lens to great use, creating picture journals of our world.

  • Christopher Higuera

    Wow this is an amazing contest you are having with Tamron. I’d love to win the Tamron 100-400mm Di VC USD Ultra-Telephoto Zoom Lens for my Canon 5D. As a parent of a very active elementary school student I capture all the special moments like holiday parades and school plays on a 100mm lens and it’s tough to take good pictures when everyone is moving around. I’d love to use the Tamron 100-400mm so that I can be all the way in the back out of everyone else’s way and know that I can count on the highly responsive Auto Focus and Vibration Control to capture clean and clear pictures fast. The quality of the build and materials in the lens would definitely replace my current Canon 100mm f/2.8L Macro Lens for great bokeh shots. Thanks for the opportunity Digital Photography School.

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