Facebook Pixel dPS Weekly Photo Challenge – Slow Shutter

dPS Weekly Photo Challenge – Slow Shutter

Well hello there 2022!

2022 is going to be great, right? Well, we hope yours has started well regardless of what’s going on around the world! Now, there was a suggestion that we mix in, rather than just regular themes, some more technical themes and that those that might be a bit scared at the thought use these themes to learn from others in our Facebook group – a great idea, we’re not called ‘Digital Photography School’ for nothing!

So, our first theme of the year is ‘Slow Shutter’ There are varying definitions of what a ‘slow shutter’ is, but for this weekly challenge we’re going to call it 1/30th of a second and below (Simon, what the heck is Shutter speed? Click Here) which means you need to take a new photograph and that your shutter speed needs to be photographed at 1/30th of a second or slower.

In a massive failure, I’m away for a couple of weeks with my boys on school holidays, when I was half way here I realised I left my camera bag in my office (I also almost put unleaded in my diesel… it was one of those days!) SO I’m having to grab a couple of old photos, both reallllly slow shutter speed shots (4 seconds) of London things.

dPS Weekly Photo Challenge – Slow Shutter
dPS Weekly Photo Challenge – Slow Shutter

Incidentally, the first shot had a load of people in the frame, the 4 second exposure got rid of almost all of them! Fun.

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From all of us, Happy New Year, looking forward to seeing your photographs this week!


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