Facebook Pixel dPS Weekly Photo Challenge: My Street

dPS Weekly Photo Challenge: My Street

Thanks to Marjorie over in our Facebook Group, this week we’re having a go at photographing our street “On the street where I live” So earlier, I grabbed my camera and headed to the top of my street and this was the first thing that caught my eye… (Someone that lives around here has done similar on many signs..)

Use the hashtag #dPSInMyStreet if you share your photograph on social media

Photo of a stop sign that says stop having kids
“Stop Having Kids”

What you choose to photograph in your street is entirely up to you, but it does have to be “on the street where you live” It can be a single image as mine is, or you can make it a triptych perhaps? (Simon, what’s a Triptych!?)

Remember: The aim of our weekly challenge is to get you to pick up your camera and make a new photograph, rather than dig through your archives for a photo you took in 1993 (unless you can’t, and then you can share a photo from 1993, but I’d really rather you went and took a new one)

Now we’re not necessarily looking for ‘Street Photography‘ though that can be what you shoot if you like, but just some element, or set of elements from your street.

Side note! Don’t forget the 5 Day Deal is happening right now, if that’s your thing! But meanwhile, go and take your photograph, share it in the comments below this post, share it on Twitter, share it on Instagram, or even pop across and share it in our private Facebook group.

Last thing before you go! If you want to suggest a topic for a weekly challenge, make sure you leave a comment on THIS POST or leave it with your photo in the comments under this post! Thanks

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