Facebook Pixel dPS Weekly Photo Challenge – Favourite Food

dPS Weekly Photo Challenge – Favourite Food

You can photograph a burger or some lettuce, you could setup a freshly picked apple (don’t forget the water drops and a couple of apple leaves, maybe?) The challenge here isn’t necessarily the food, but they way you photograph it. A bowl of fruit in the right light is way better than a bowl of fruit in dull light!

Use #dPSWeeklyChallenge and #dPSFaveFood – Also, please keep in mind, these challenges are to sharpen your photography skills, not your ‘searching through the archive’ skills, so please take a new photograph for each challenge (just one per challenge)

So take your favourite food and make a creative photograph using it, and let’s see what you come up with! This is really difficult ….I can’t decide what my favourite food is!! (Randomly, I’m a big fan of jelly slice) ….and I guess I’m partial to a Mince Pie?

dPS Weekly Photo Challenge – Favourite Food

My challenge is to creatively photograph a jelly slice this week… uh huh

Have a great week! Bonus points (did you make it this far?) tell us in the comments below, where are you reading this post – what town/country.

Have a great week, photo friends!


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